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Blog Posts with the Tag of "home pest control in nj"

Just Because It Is Winter In New Jersey Doesn't Mean You Don't Have To Worry About Pests

January 9, 2020

a s now covered new jersey home protected by year-round pest control solutions

Standing outside this time of year, it can be hard to imagine any living pests trying to get into your home. Surely they would have already found somewhere to hide or hibernate through the winter months by now, right? Surprisingly, there are still a few pests that have found a way to survive the winter chills and would like nothing more than to invade your New Jersey home.... Read More

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New Jersey's Handbook To The Pennsylvania Wood Cockroach

January 7, 2020

a pennsylvania wood cockroach in a new jersey home

We have several pest cockroaches in New Jersey and there are many ways to discourage cockroaches from getting into your home. But wood cockroaches fall into a category all their own. There are many ways wood roaches are different. We're going to take a look at the differences and examine how they make these roaches unique pests inside your New Jersey home.... Read More

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Are the Little Red Bugs in Your New Jersey Home Worth Worrying About?  

December 24, 2019

a clovermite crawling throughout a new jersey property

It’s an ant! It’s a spider! It’s a…. clover mite? You might never have heard of a clover mite, but you’ve probably seen them. These tiny red bugs look a bit like spiders, and they can be found crawling over a variety of surfaces both outside and indoors. What are these little red insects, and how worried should you be when you first see them appear in your home?... Read More

Tags: clover mite prevention tips | home pest control in nj |

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