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Blog Posts with the Tag of "home pest control in nj"

A New Threat in New Jersey

July 31, 2018

kissing bug up close

As if there weren’t enough unwanted pests in New Jersey, there is a now a new pest threat in town! Kissing bugs, which can be found in about thirty southern states, are potentially making their way north! While they haven’t been identified in New Jersey yet, there is a very real threat as neighboring states such as Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Virginia have all had confirmed sighting... Read More

Tags: home pest control in nj | kissing bugs | chagas disease |

Comparing Carpenter Ant and Termite Damage

March 30, 2018

carpenter ant on water damaged wood

In our Aberdeen, NJ service area, carpenter ants are quite a problem, one that often gets underestimated. While these ants aren't as destructive as subterranean termites, they can still do a considerable amount of damage when left untreated. Let's take a look at the difference between these two wood-destroying pests and see what we can glean that will help us protect our New Jersey homes from u... Read More

Tags: termite and carpenter ant damage | home pest control in nj | carpenter ants vs termites |

How to Spot Black Widow Spiders in New Jersey

February 28, 2018

black widow spider up close

As we know, there are a lot of different spiders in and around New Jersey. Sure they all have eight legs and perhaps are less than pleasing to look at, but it is also fair to say that not all spiders are created equal. Some are simply nuisance pests that don’t pose any real threat aside from giving you a fright, and may even be considered a benefit as they feed on other pests. But there i... Read More

Tags: home pest control in nj | spider prevention tips | black widow spider bites |

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