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Blog Posts with the Tag of "mice"

Why Do I Have Mice In My Home This Summer?

July 21, 2020

mice in short hills pantry scavenging for food

Just last week we discussed how the coronavirus is affecting the rat population in New Jersey and since then we’ve continued to see an increase in rodent activity throughout the counties we serve.  In fact, many homeowners have discovered mice in the attic, mice in their A/C units and elsewhere in and around their homes this summer. And if they haven’t found actual rodents, the... Read More

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Mice Infestations In New Jersey Are Worse Than You May Think

February 5, 2020

a house mouse eating cucumbers slices

How much do you know about the common house mouse? Are you aware that a mouse can hide in your home without making any detectable noises and spread diseases to you, your family, and your pets? Do you know that the damage mice cause inside your home can lead to costly repairs? Do you know that a little tiny mouse can be responsible for burning your home to the ground? ... Read More

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