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What COVID-19 Closures Mean For The Rat Population In New Jersey

July 13, 2020

rat underneath new jersey granite steps

While closing or limiting service at restaurants and other establishments has helped limit the spread of the coronavirus, it has caused another issue to arise in New Jersey. Rat activity is up in Essex County, Union County, and in counties across New Jersey and its not just affecting businesses.  New Jersey homeowners are dealing with rat infestations in record numbers and in areas where r... Read More

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Why You Need to Remain Vigilant About Pests During the Fall In New Jersey

October 8, 2019

a house mouse has been spotted by a new jersey resident in a warm home where the mouse is nesting and scurrying around the kitchen for food to store for winter

Many people think that fall is a time when you can relax about pest control. Unfortunately, quite the opposite is true. Many pests begin to prepare for the winter months as fall approaches. This means that they are likely to try to make their way inside your New Jersey home. Having pests like rodents living in your attic and walls through the winter can be dangerous.... Read More

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