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Blog Posts with the Tag of "termite control and prevention"

Termite Swarms In NJ

March 6, 2020

swarming termites outside new jersey home

Picture this, you’re sitting in your living room enjoying a good book or watching a show. You happen to glance out the window only to see thousands of winged bugs in the air. While it might be disconcerting it is also a very common sight in the springtime in New Jersey.  It’s a termite swarm.  Read on to learn more about this phenomenon.... Read More

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Where Do Termites In New Jersey Go In The Winter?

January 30, 2020

a swarm of termites infesting a wooden structure in a new jersey home

Winter can feel like a time to relax. The cold weather invites us to stay inside and keep warm. The last thing on most people’s minds is the fact that pests can still remain very active during winter months. While other pests might go into hibernation or die off, bugs like termites survive just fine underground or inside the walls of our homes. That means that the damage they cause doesn&... Read More

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Public Warning: Termites Remain Active During New Jersey Winters

December 19, 2019

a termites infesting a wooden structure inside of a new jersey home

If your home was in danger, you’d want to know it, right? If you found out a hurricane was headed your way, or a lightning bolt might hit your house, you would do everything you could to protect it. What if we told you there is a constant threat to your home? Termites can cause just as much damage to a home as the weather can, and they aren’t constrained to a single season.... Read More

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