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Is My New Jersey Home At Risk For Termites This Summer?

July 5, 2019

a large colony of swarming termites burrowing through a wooden structure on a new jersey property

Just like we may have a preference on how our steaks are cooked, termites have a preference for the condition of the wood they eat. Termites mostly only eat soft, water-damaged wood. That being said, if your home’s structural wood has been negatively affected by a leak or source of water that has allowed its wood to become soft, termites are much more likely to settle down.... Read More

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Contact Arrow For Termite Protection Before It's Too Late                                              

June 7, 2019

pest control tech treating home for termites

They’re ba-ack… Termites in NJ, that is. This once-famous line to a horror movie pretty much sums up the real-life horror of termite infestations. Unfortunately, termites never really go away.  There more noticeable in the warmer months when they’re swarming and foraging but don’t dismiss the threat they pose to your pro... Read More

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What Are My Termite Treatment Options In New Jersey?

April 15, 2019

termite colony on a ground

New Jersey is home to millions of people and multi-millions of pests. Termites are among the long list of pests that New Jersey residents have to deal with all year long, and they are also one of the most destructive pests on that list. The good news is that there are a wide variety of termite treatment options for you to choose from to keep your New Jersey property protected this year.... Read More

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