Digger Bees

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What do digger bees look like?

digger bee on a flower outside of a new jersey home

Adult digger bees grow to between ¼ and 1/2 of an inch in length.  Digger bees can be shiny metallic black, dull black or brown in color and can either have or not have white, yellow, and/or red markings. 

They also tend to have whitish bands of hair on their abdomen.

Are digger bees dangerous?

The venom from a digger bee sting is strong enough to cause a severe allergic reaction in some people, so care should always be taken around these and any species of stinging insect.

However, digger bees are very non-aggressive and usually only sting if they are being stepped on. A sting from a digger bee is much less painful than the sting of other more aggressive species like the yellow jacket.

Why do I have a digger bee problem?

Digger bees are a very beneficial species , they are active pollinators of farm and garden crops and tend to be active during periods of cooler temperatures when other species are not. Properties that have gardens or a lot of flowering vegetation may attract digger bees. Digger bees are a solitary species of bee, female digger bees “dig” nests into the ground that are about ½ of an inch deep. They prefer to create their nests in areas of sparse vegetation or in places where grass is very thin.

Can I control digger bees?

If digger bees have decided to nest on your property in an area that is causing them to become a danger to you, your family, or pets the best way to control these pests is to get help from a professional that has experience dealing with stinging insects. The experienced pest control professionals at Arrow Pest Control have the safety equipment, experience, and training needed to remove safely digger bees from your property. If digger bees have decided to nest on your New Jersey property, contact the dedicated pest professionals at Arrow Pest Control today to find out more about our stinging insect control solutions!

How do I make my property less attractive to digger bees?

The best way to make you property less attractive to digger bees is to make sure that your property’s lawn is well maintained. A lush, thick, healthy lawn not only looks great, but is unappealing to digger bees!

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