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All bed bug infestations are not created equal. When bed bugs get into a home or business, they don't immediately explode into a giant problem. Therefore, getting rid of these blood-eating pests is different for each of our customers. Here are the steps we go through, and what treatment methods we use to effectively eradicate these invaders.

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The first course of action is to determine where the infestation is and how large it has become. This allows professional pest technicians to design a treatment plan that is not only cost effective, it is targeted to the problem area. This inspection can only be done by a professional who is trained and certified in pest control. Bed bugs don't make it easy to find them. 


Bed Bug Inspections Are Going To The Dogs 

We mean this in a good way. While certified technicians are able to locate areas of infestation, dogs are uniquely equipped to do it faster. Their sense of smell is almost like x-ray vision. They can sniff out live bed bugs that are hiding in mattresses, box springs, couches, chairs, baseboards, carpets, clothes, and more. When trained K9 Inspectors are used, everything runs a lot smoother. 


There Is No Need To Throw Your Stuff Out

When a treatment is small, it is possible to use targeted treatment methods that address individual items. But don't confuse this with throwing those items out. If you have a bed bug infestation in a piece of furniture, not only are you not likely to get rid of your bed bug problem by throwing it out, you may expose other people to bed bugs if they see your discarded item and bring it into their home. The problem with throwing out items is that bed bugs don't usually live in just one place. If you have an infestation in your box spring, those bugs could also be in the frame, mattress, nightstand, backboard, baseboards, carpet edges, outlets, wall voids, or other items in the room. Bed bugs hide in many places. They are even known to hide in electronic equipment. When targeted treatments are done by a professional, they make sure bed bugs don't escape during treatment, and that all the bugs are gone. 


Targeted Treatments 

  • Steam: If you have a piece of infested furniture, it may be possible to address an infestation inside through the use of direct steam. Your technician will make sure this is done in a way that doesn't allow bed bugs to escape.

  • Portable heat chamber: If steam isn't enough to get the job done, we have a portable chamber that can be deployed to perform isolated heat treatments.

  • Chemical application: There are some instances when a treatment of EPA approved pesticides may be needed to resolve a bed bug infestation. Pesticides are quite versatile in eradicating bed bugs. When administered by a trained and certified professional, according to all established safety regulations, chemicals can effectively arrest infestations, both large and small.

  • Encasements: If you have an infested mattress or box spring, and few bugs found anywhere else, it may be possible to seal those bugs in and keep new bugs from infesting. This is often employed along with other pest methods.

  • Climb-ups: When encasements or liners are used, it is often necessary to install climb-ups to prevent bed bugs from climbing up a bed frame to feed. This will prevent new bites from occurring between visits from your technician.


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Follow-Ups Show That We Care

After your home or business has been treated for bed bugs, we don't leave you in the dust. You can expect a follow-up. This may be another detailed inspection by your technician, a visit from one of our K9 Inspectors, or something more simple. It all depends on what type of infestation we came to address. But, there will be a follow-up.  At Arrow Pest Control your complete satisfaction is important to us. Not just because we know that happy customers tell other people about us. It's just the right way to do business. This kind of personal attention is how we've been doing business in New Jersey for the last 40 years. And, with your help, we hope to continue to offer this level of service for decades to come.


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