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Providing Pest Control Services To Elizabeth, NJ For 47+ Years

Elizabeth is a New Jersey city whose establishment dates all the way back to the founding of our country. While Elizabeth has a rich history, the future of this city is what is most exciting! Recent efforts to revitalize this city have worked to provide its residents with optimism - providing new housing options, retail options, and entertainment opportunities. Don’t let pests that also live in Elizabeth damper your upbeat, optimistic mood!

Partner with Arrow Pest Control to keep pests out of your New Jersey home or business. Our experience, knowledge and deep commitment to all of our customers is what makes us a leader in the pest control industry. Let New Jersey’s best pest control experts protect you and your family from the dangers and damages that pests have the potential to inflict!

Pests Active In Elizabeth, NJ

Residential Pest Control Services In Elizabeth, NJ

While our history does not run quite as deep as Elizabeth’s does, at Arrow Pest Control we do have over four decades of experience protecting people and their homes from the pests that also call New Jersey home. At Arrow, we love that each of our customers are different, and we understand that each property we treat is going to require its own plan of action. This is why we offer a variety of different home pest control options. Our most comprehensive program is our Arrow Premier program and offers a wide range of services to provide the complete protection against pests for your Elizabeth home. Our Arrow Premier program includes:

  • Year-round protection for more than 30 common household pests
  • Interior and exterior protection
  • Four seasonal visits
  • Free emergency services
  • Coverage for your entire property including attics, mailboxes, playsets, sheds, and fences
  • Certified termite inspection and ongoing termite control

Get in touch with us today to request a free estimate for your home, or to learn more about any of our other quality home pest control programs for your Elizabeth, NJ property!

How To Avoid Cicada Killer Wasps In Elizabeth, NJ

Cicada killer wasps are a pest with an aggressive name, but like the saying goes, “don’t judge a book by its cover”, cicada killer wasps really aren’t all that aggressive! Cicada killers are a large species of wasps that can grow up to an impressive 3 inches in length. They received their name because these wasps hunt cicada bugs and other insects in order to bring them back to their underground burrow and feed to their larvae. Cicada killers aren’t particularly dangerous to people (although care still needs to be taken around them), but they are very damaging to property. These stinging insects are drawn to properties that have sandy soil, bare areas in their lawns, and window boxes. They also like to create their burrows in the soil found along the edges of sidewalks and foundations. As you can imagine the burrows that cicada killers create can cause unsightly damage to the property and lawn that they choose to invade.

To help deter these stinging insects from choosing your Elizabeth property to burrow in we suggest reducing the amount of flowering vegetation planted on your property, especially flowering vegetation that is planted right next to your home in window boxes. Plant grass in bare areas found on your lawn, and seal cracks in the foundation and exterior walls of your home to make sure that they don’t enter inside. If cicada killer wasps happen to choose your property to live on, the professionals at Arrow Pest Control can help through our effective stinging insect control services!

Commercial Pest Control Services In Elizabeth, NJ

Protect your Elizabeth business from pests with the help of the experts at Arrow Pest Control. We can implement the year-round services needed to protect the structure of your buildings, the health of your employees and customers, and your business’s reputation through our commercial pest control services. At Arrow, we provide our commercial customers with a tailored pest control plan that will meet the specific needs of your business, and that will always exceed industry standards and comply with industry regulations. Our customized commercial pest control services provide our customers with the partner needed to eliminate and keep pest out while using the least amount of insecticides possible.

At Arrow Pest Control our commercial pest control services include a pest threat analysis, following an extensive interior and exterior inspection of your facility, an evaluation of the inspection, the development of a treatment plan that is detailed to your facility, and a comprehensive report of our findings is provided. Let’s work together to ensure that your commercial property is always a pest free property!

Signs Of Bed Bugs In Elizabeth, NJ

Let’s cut to the chase and get right down to business, because as we all know the faster we know about a bed bug infestation, the faster these biting, blood-feeding bed bugs can be eliminated from your Elizabeth, NJ property. Signs that bed bugs are infesting your property include:

  • Noticing red dots (blood) or black streaks (bed bug excrement) on items in your home including mattresses, box springs, linens, pillows, and upholstered furniture
  • Finding piles of shed insect skins underneath of or inside of cracks of mattresses and box springs, or along the floor, bed bugs shed their skins as they grow, leaving them in piles around your home
  • Finding live or dead flat oval-shaped bugs on or under mattresses and box springs
  • Seeing flat oval-shaped bugs hiding in the cracks of walls, wooden furniture, behind picture frames, clocks or outlets, or even inside of computer keyboards
  • Noticing a sickly sweet odor in your home
  • You or family members waking up with small red raised bug bites that are grouped together in lines of 3 or 4 bites, however, it is important to note that not all people being bitten by bed bugs are going to experience a reaction, in other words, it is possible to be bitten by bed bugs and not even know it

If you ever see or even just “think” you see signs of bed bugs living in your Elizabeth property, contact the professionals here at Arrow Pest Control. We have the services needed to quickly eliminate any sized bed bug infestation from any home or business! Give us a call to learn more about our highly effective bed bug control services.

Termite Control In Elizabeth, NJ

Termites can cause extensive damages that can become very expensive to repair. At Arrow Pest Control we have a variety of services that can help to eliminate, control, and prevent termites from invading your property, helping to protect both your home and your pocket book. Don’t wait until the termite damage is done and it is too late, contact Arrow Pest Control today to schedule a free termite evaluation for your home or business. If during the interior and exterior inspection of your home we discovered termites or termite activity we will provide you with a termite activity report which provides details about:
  • How we will treat
  • Where we will treat
  • A cost estimate.
At Arrow we recommend treating a termite infestation using America’s #1 termite defense product, Termidor, to completely eliminate a termite infestation. Protect your Elizabeth property from pests with the help of Termidor and the New Jersey termite professionals found at Arrow Pest Control.

Employment Opportunities In Elizabeth, NJ

Searching for a profession in a prosperous field? A career in pest control may be right for you! This burgeoning industry is looking for lively, reliable, and passionate individuals to join the workforce. Working for a pest control company covers a wide-range of interests including hands-on work, communications, and biology; making it an ideal career path for many people.

Whether you’re looking for a job as a licensed pest control technician or receptionist, a future in pest control offers extensive opportunities for personal and professional growth.