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Providing the most effective commercial pest control services in Jersey City, Arrow Pest Control is the team to call if your business has been inundated by roaches, rats, and other pests. In business since 1973, our locally owned and family-operated NJ pest control company solves pest problems using the most up-to-date methods and tools. What’s more, our fully licensed pest management specialists receive ongoing training to ensure our customers have the best pest protection available. If you have a commercial pest problem in Jersey City, please reach out!

Active Pests In Jersey City, NJ

Commercial Pest Control In Jersey City, New Jersey

At Arrow Pest Control, you can rely on us to deliver the best pest control for your small business, retail store, or medical office, etc. Whatever your business or industry, no matter the size of your facility, we can help. In fact, we’ve been setting the gold standard in commercial pest control in New Jersey since 1973 and are ready to help your company combat insects and rodents. 

Our highly trained and experienced commercial pest professionals successfully control and eliminate pests by following the principles of Integrated Pest Management. Rather than spraying chemicals all around and inside your structure, we look at the whole problem and utilize solutions that include behavior modification as well as mechanical, biological, and cultural means to control pests. 

At Arrow Pest Control we take pride in the fact that our commercial pest control services exceed industry standards. We’d love the opportunity to protect your business from pests.

Commercial Bed Bug Control In Jersey City, NJ 

While bed bugs have been a source of irritation for many business owners and managers for a long time, experts agree, they’re seeing more bed bug activity now that COVID-19 restrictions are easing. If bed bugs are a threat to your Jersey City business, please keep Arrow Pest Control in mind. From detection to extermination, you can count on our team of bed bug control specialists to get rid of bed bugs, no matter how severe. 

Arrow’s commercial bed bugs control service in Jersey City not only exterminates live bugs but also eradicates all stages of bed bug development. That’s right, when you contact us for help getting rid of bed bugs in your apartment complex, hotel, or other commercial building, you can rest assured we will completely eliminate the bed bug population.

Following our proven bed bug treatment protocol, our team of highly trained bed bug control pros will: 

  • Inspect your facility for signs of bed bugs
  • Customize a treatment plan 
  • Employ multiple methods of bed bug extermination including physical removal, thermal remediation, and chemical application 
  • Set up our portable heat chamber, if applicable
  • Provide follow-up services at predetermined times to ensure the bed bug infestation is resolved

Reduce downtime, protect your reputation, and best of all, stop bed bugs from biting; contact Arrow Pest Control today!

Multi-Family Pest Control Services In Jersey City, NJ 

Controlling pests in apartment buildings, townhomes, and other types of multi-family housing complexes is a must in order to prevent tenant complaints, low occupancy rates, revenue loss, and bad reviews as well as stop insects and rodents from causing damage to the structure, equipment, and property. 

If you’re looking for a pest management solution for your multi-family housing complex, please consider Arrow Pest Control. Providing pest control services for multi-family housing in Jersey City and throughout our service area, our team of highly trained and fully licensed pest management specialists is ready to protect your property from roaches, rats, and other pests.  

For a customized solution for your multi-family property, give us a call today. 

Cockroach Control For Businesses In Jersey City, NJ 

Cockroaches are bad news for businesses. They carry and spread germs and bacteria that threaten health, they contaminate products and damage whatever they feed on (which is just about anything). When it comes to cockroaches, the bottom line is this – you do not want to have to deal with them in your business, whether you’re a restaurant owner, a warehouse manager, or are part of another type of industry altogether. 

At Arrow Pest Control, we understand the negative impact cockroaches can have on businesses and that’s why we offer proven cockroach control in Jersey City that includes:

  • Accurate pest identification
  • Assessment of conducive conditions
  • Analysis of other factors that may be contributing to a roach infestation

After we’ve thoroughly inspected your facility and grounds, we’ll develop a plan of action that will eradicate cockroaches. Plus, we’ll provide the proper documentation your company needs to satisfy governing authorities. 

If you’re concerned that cockroaches are threatening your business, contact Arrow Pest Control today!

Commercial Rodent Control In Jersey City, NJ 

Rodents are a serious issue for businesses, especially those in the food and beverage processing industry. Problems associated with mice and rats in commercial facilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Contaminated product and/or food inventory
  • Damage to machinery and equipment
  • Structural damage
  • Introduction of health and safety hazards
  • Fire hazards
  • Harm to brand and reputation

If you’re concerned about rodent activity damaging your facility, ruining your product, and threatening health and safety, contact Arrow Pest Control today. 

Our Jersey City, NJ rodent control services are effective because our highly trained pest control specialists identify root cause(s) of rodent problems, eliminate rodent activity, and prevent new rodent infestations from developing. Don’t let your business be overtaken by rodents, reach out for the best rodent control.

Looking For A Job In NJ? Consider Arrow

Locally owned and family-operated Arrow Pest Control is looking for hard-working individuals to join our team. If you want to be part of an essential industry that protects people and property from insects and rodents and the hazards they create, we’d love to meet you. Stop by our Careers page to learn more about Arrow and to check out our current job openings!

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