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Reliable Pest Control Services In Marlboro Township Since 1971

Residential pest control, commercial pest control, termite control, and bed bug control are all services that the New Jersey pest professionals at Arrow Pest Control provide to keep Marlboro Township, NJ homes and businesses free of nuisance, dangerous, and damaging pests. Put your pest control needs into our hands, and partner with Arrow Pest Control. We want to help control the pests that live in Marlboro Township, NJ, protecting people, property, and pets, and do our part to make it a family-friendly place to live. Our pest control solutions are designed with New Jersey home and business owners in mind; we know New Jersey pests, and we know how to keep them out of residential and commercial properties!


Pests Active In Marlboro Township, NJ

Residential Pest Control in Marlboro Township, NJ

When looking for a pest control company to take care of the pest control needs of your home and family, you are going to want to partner with an experienced company. At Arrow Pest Control we have over 40 years of local experience in the pest control industry. Because we are a local company we have a deep understanding of the pest challenges that our customers face each season and how to effectively solve them. All of our year-round programs provide the combination of services needed to eliminate current pest problems and to keep them from returning throughout the rest of the year. Our home pest control programs include:

  • Home Protection: Year-round pest protection from common pests

  • Home Protection Plus: Year-round pest protection, carpenter ant control, termite monitoring advantage

  • Arrow Premier: Year-round pest protection, carpenter ant control, termite monitoring advantage, and termite control

Give us a call to learn more about any of our outstanding home pest control programs!

Termite Prevention Tips in Marlboro Township, NJ

Termites are moisture seeking pests, so it is with good reason that some of the most effective pest prevention tips involve reducing or eliminating moisture sources in and around your Marlboro Township home. The first step to preventing termites from being attracted to your property is to make sure that your home’s gutters are in good working order; gutters that are clogged can allow rainwater to overflow into your home causing structural wood inside to become water damaged. It is also good to make sure that downspouts are working to direct water away from the outside of your home to prevent pooling and moisture build-up. Inspect the exterior of your property and fix any leaky or drippy faucets, hoses or other fixtures. Do the same inside, but also look for leaky pipes and seek to remove and replace any structural wood that has been damaged by water. To help keep humidity levels down in your home and to prevent moisture from building up, it is a good idea to place dehumidifiers in basements, ensure that crawl spaces are properly ventilated, and to make sure that exhaust fans are installed in bathrooms and kitchen areas. To help stop termites from being attracted to decaying organic material on your property, remove piles of leaves, sticks, grass, and like items from your yard. In addition to taking the above precautions, we always recommend putting into place our termite control services which include:

  • A termite evaluation

  • Cost estimate

  • Treatment using Termidor, America’s #1 termite defense product

  • Our termite warranty- a one-year renewable warranty against a re-infestation

To learn more about our termite control services including our termite pre-treatment services and wood destroying insect inspection and reporting, contact Arrow Pest Control today.

Commercial Pest Control Services in Marlboro Township, NJ

Arrow Pest Control is New Jersey’s pest control experts, and you should want nothing less than the best to protect your Marlboro Township business from the pests that live in New Jersey. Having pests living, breeding and feeding in your business can cause the following negative consequences:

  • Loss of employee morale

  • Legal consequences

  • Negative publicity

  • Loss of business and revenue

  • Property damage

  • The introduction of disease and bacteria into your facility

To protect your business from the negative consequences of a pest infestation, our highly trained and experienced QualityPro rated professionals are going to work closely with you to provide the tailored services needed to eliminate current pests from your facility and to put into place the services and protocols needed to prevent a future infestation.  We follow the principles of Integrated Pest Management focusing on the biological, mechanical, and cultural means of pest control; instead of relying only on pesticides. Give us a call today to learn more about our commercial pest control services.

Warning Signs Bed Bugs Leave Behind in Marlboro Township, NJ

Bed bugs only think that they are a sneaky pest. The truth is that even though they can be a bit difficult to spot, if you know what you are looking for you will be able to see that they leave behind some very obvious signs of their presence. The top three warning signs that bed bugs leave behind when invading a property include:

  1. Black feces: Bed bugs leave behind black streaks of feces on bedding, baseboards, outlets, upholstered furniture, and even on electronics when invading a property.

  2. Blood stains: Bed bugs feed solely on blood, and their bites may drip, or they may be crushed after feeding, leading to blood stains around their habitat.

  3. Bed bug exoskeletons: In order to grow they have to shed their too small exoskeletons. You may find piles of these shed skins in the areas that they are infesting like underneath of mattresses, box springs, on the floor, and attached to fabrics.

If you ever notice any warning signs from bed bugs, contact Arrow Pest Control immediately, we can provide the inspection, treatment, and follow-up services needed to make sure that these pests are completely eliminated from your Marlboro Township, NJ property.

Employment Opportunities In Marlboro Township, NJ

Seeking a rewarding profession in a prosperous industry? A career in pest control may be right for you! This flourishing field is looking for diligent, positive and reliable people to join the workforce. Working for a pest control company covers an array of interests including leadership, correspondence and technology; making it an ideal career path for many people. Whether you’re looking for a future as an exterminator or receptionist, a position in pest control offers abundant opportunities for personal and professional growth.

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