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Top-Rated Pest Control Services In Marlboro Township, NJ

With over 1100 five-star Google reviews, Arrow Pest Control is the pest control company to call when you need help getting rid of bugs and rodents in Marlboro Township and throughout Monmouth County, New Jersey.  Locally owned and operated, Arrow has over four decades of industry experience, a highly trained and licensed team, and state-of-the-art technology and equipment to exterminate ants, termites, mice and other pests that infest homes and businesses in Marlboro Township. 

Pests Active In Marlboro Township, NJ

Home Pest Control In Marlboro Township, NJ

As a local pest control company, we understand the pest problems homeowners in Marlboro Township face and we know how to solve them. For the best protection against insects and rodents, we recommend a year-round home pest control plan that keeps pests out no matter the season. At Arrow, we offer three different plans which allows residents to select the coverage that suits their needs and budget. 

Home Protection Program

Includes coverage for over 30 common house-infesting pests, an initial inspection and service, three service visits per year, exterior treatments at every visit, interior treatments as necessary, and our guarantee that we’ll come back if covered pests return in between service visits for free.

Home Protection Plus

You receive all the same services as the HPP PLUS carpenter ant control and our termite monitoring advantage. 

Arrow Premier

The most comprehensive protection we offer, the Arrow Premier targets 30+ common household pests plus carpenter ants and termites.  That’s pest control, carpenter ant control, and termite control – all in one plan!

To learn more, please contact us or visit our home pest control plans and pricing page to compare plans!

Commercial Pest Control In Marlboro Township, New Jersey

New Jersey’s commercial pest control experts, Arrow Pest Control provides superior pest control solutions for commercial and industrial facilities in Marlboro Township that protect against: 

  • Loss of employee morale
  • Legal consequences
  • Negative publicity 
  • Loss of revenue
  • Property damage
  • The introduction of disease and bacteria into your facility

Combat roaches, rats, and other pests in your facility with an effective pest management plan designed and executed by Arrow Pest Control. Our team will work closely with business owners and managers to provide a tailored solution that includes the use of Integrated Pest Management (IPM) methods and the judicious use of chemical only when necessary. 

At Arrow, we’ve successfully worked with all types of businesses and industries including healthcare, education, retail, manufacturing, warehousing, and more. Contact us to learn more about our commercial pest control services in Marlboro Township.

Marlboro Township, NJ Termite Protection 

Termites in Marlboro Township do not stop working- ever. They’re constantly chewing through load-bearing walls and other building materials made from wood or wood by-products.  Left alone, the end result will be significant termite damage and unfortunately, damage caused by these wood-destroying insects is not covered by homeowner’s insurance policies because it is considered preventable. So how do you preserve your home and avoid costly repair bills? Contact Arrow Pest Control at the first sign of termites or, better yet, before they’ve had a chance to infest! 

Our Marlboro Township termite control services start with a thorough termite inspection to confirm the presence of these insects on your property. Once we’ve evaluated the problem, we’ll explain our findings and provide you with a termite control quote if necessary. From there we’ll perform a liquid termite treatment that not only kills termites foraging on your property but the entire nest underground- including the queen! 

Marlboro Township, NJ Mosquito Control & Tick Yard Treatments 

At Arrow Pest Control, when it comes to mosquitoes and ticks in Marlboro Township, we bite back! Don’t let these biting, disease spreading pests keep you indoors when the weather’s warm, contact Arrow to schedule your seasonal mosquito and tick control services.

Our Bite Back! Program, a mosquito and tick reduction service, consists of seven services.  We’ll start with a granular tick treatment in April to eliminate tick larvae, nymphs and adults already on your property. During the months of May – September, we’ll come back every month to spray areas where these pests rest, breed, and wait for hosts. Finally, in October, we’ll perform one more granular tick treatment to eliminate the next batch of ticks.

If you’re concerned about the use of chemicals on your property BUT really want protection against ticks and tick-borne diseases, consider our green tick control solutions.  

Reach out to find out the cost of our mosquito and tick control in Marlboro Township or to sign up!

Pest Solutions For Mice, Cicada Killers, & Other Marlboro Township Pests 

In addition to the pest control services mentioned above, Arrow Pest Control also offers:

Job Openings In Marlboro Township, NJ

Looking for a new job? Why not consider a career in the pest control industry? Arrow Pest Control is looking for ambitious, reliable individuals to join our team. With positions available in both the field and in the office, there’s plenty of opportunity at Arrow.  Visit our careers page to learn more about our job openings.

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