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Should I Get Pest Control In Somerville, New Jersey?

Arrow Pest Control, a locally owned and family operated pest control company, offers pest control services in Somerville, NJ and throughout Somerset County that eliminate insect and rodent infestations AND prevent new pest problems from occurring.  When asked about whether or not a homeowner should use pest control services rather than tackle them on their own, we say absolutely yes! Pests are gross, they leave behind nasty messes, damage personal belongings and even structures, and they have the ability to introduce serious health risks.  Left un-treated OR not treated properly, a minor pest problem can turn into a serious problem fast.

Don’t let bugs, mice or other pests take over your property, contact Arrow Pest Control for Somerville, NJ pest control services today!

Pests Active In Somerville, NJ

Home Pest Control In Somerville, NJ

Keep pests away from your home and family when you sign up for Arrow’s home pest control services in Somerville. Designed to protect against common household pests including ants, mice, and spiders, our residential pest control plans are guaranteed year-round pest protection!

Home Protection Program – Starting at $35/month

This plan includes three seasonal services, exterior treatment, interior service if necessary, coverage for 30+ pests, and the Arrow Promise – if pests come back in between visits, we’ll come back to treat at no charge to you!

Home Protection Program Plus – Starting at $50/month

Superior pest protection that includes all the same services as our Home Protection Program PLUS carpenter ant control, and our termite monitoring advantage.

Arrow Premier – Starting at $60/month

The most comprehensive home pest control plan available for Somerville homeowners, this plan includes four seasonal services, exterior treatments, interior service if necessary, coverage for over 30 pests, the Arrow Promise, carpenter ant control AND complete termite control.

Whether you need help getting rid of spiders, wasps, roaches, and other pests or you simply want to implement a plan that keeps these pests out, reach out to the local NJ pest control experts at Arrow today!

Somerville, NJ Termite Exterminators

Very common wood-destroying insects in Somerville, termites are a serious threat to homes and businesses and overtime leave property owners with extensive damage and hefty repair bills.  At Arrow Pest Control, we know termites. We understand their biology, their behaviors, we know how to identify signs of termite infestations, and more importantly, we know how to get rid of termites – for good.  When you contact us for termite control services in Somerville, you can count on our team to exterminate termite infestations and prevent new termite colonies from taking up residence in or around your home.

Don’t wait for termite damage to occur, reach out to us today to schedule your FREE termite inspection!

Mosquito & Tick Control In Somerville, New Jersey

Mosquitoes and ticks in Somerville are annoying. Worse, they have the ability to spread disease and illness to people and pets.  Most active during the morning and evening hours, mosquitoes are persistent pests leave us with itchy welts peppering our exposed limbs. While illness associated with mosquitoes in New Jersey are not as significant at ticks (more on that in a second), there are confirmed cases of West Nile virus in the Garden state every year.  Ticks are another biting pest in New Jersey and depending on the type of tick, are capable of spreading Lyme disease, Rocky Mountain spotted fever, and other tick-borne illnesses. 

At Arrow Pest Control, we offer our Bite Back! Program, a seasonal mosquito and tick control service in Somerville that focuses on significantly reducing populations of both mosquitoes and ticks. Here’s what you can expect when you sign up:

  • A granular tick treatment in April to eliminate adult ticks, nymphs, and other life stages of ticks.
  • Monthly mosquito and tick spraying May – September.
  • A final granular application in October to exterminate ticks that are carried in on host animals such as deer and rodents.

Don’t let mosquito bites and concerns about ticks drive you indoors; contact Arrow Pest Control for help getting rid of these biting pests! 

Why Choose Arrow For Pest Control In Somerville, NJ

It’s simple; choose Arrow Pest Control because we are a locally owned and operated pest control company whose goal is to provide services that protect homes and businesses using an environmentally friendly approach to pest management. Our customer service team and licensed pest control technicians in the field strive to exceed our customers’ expectations!

What’s more, we have a solution for your pest problem – no matter how severe.  In addition to the services mentioned above, we also offer:

You don’t have to and should not put up with pests that can adversely affect your health or your property, contact us today for relief from insect and rodent infestations!

Job Openings In Somerville, NJ

Arrow Pest Control, a locally owned pest control company, is looking for motivated, dependable and positive individuals to join our team and have positions available in the field and in the office.  Visit our careers page to learn more about our employment opportunities.

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