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Ticks are a serious threat for your dog. They spread diseases that can cause great discomfort or lead to a need for medical treatment. In some cases, a tick bite can be fatal or cause lifelong medical issues. Today will give you some tips to help you manage the threat of ticks in New Jersey.

New Jersey Ticks

In our New Jersey service area, the biggest threat to your dog's happiness and safety is the brown dog tick. Brown dog ticks are somewhat unique among ticks in that they are able to complete their entire life cycle indoors. This ability to reproduce inside, along with their preference for feeding on dogs, can allow these ticks to torment your furry friend for longer than other ticks can. A Lone Star tick, for instance, will readily feed on humans. You're not going to put up with that for long. If Lone Star ticks come into your home on your dog, you're going to want to deal with them fast. But, it only takes one bite for a tick to spread diseases to your dog or to you. You shouldn't wait for ticks to get into your home. It is best to be proactive about keeping them out of your yard.

What is the best way to proactively control ticks?

There are many reasons why you should call Arrow Pest Control when ticks invade your property but, if you're not ready to take that step, we don't want you to be unprotected. Consider these tick-control tips.

Wildlife and rodent control — when animals come into your yard, they bring ticks with them. Everything you do to control animal activity around your home will help to prevent your dog from picking ticks up and bringing them back into your home. Keep exterior trash in a covered container that can't be easily knocked over. Trim your landscaping to create fewer locations for animals to hide near your home. Apply fencing around voids that can provide harborages, such as underneath your deck or stairs.

Control moisture — Ticks need high humidity to survive. When you reduce moisture around your home, you make your foundation perimeter more resistant to tick habitation. Some examples of moisture control are:

  • Keep your gutters clear of obstructions and make sure they are in good repair.
  • Trim tree branches from your tree canopy to allow sunlight into locations that get dense shade.
  • Trim bushes to provide better airflow in your landscaping. The wind that passes through your landscaping helps to quickly dry the topsoil after watering.
  • Address any areas where puddles form. Loosen the soil. Fill holes in. Create a gradient to allow the water to channel away.

Contact your Vet — The are several products your veterinarian can prescribe for tick control. Flea and tick collars are a great place to start. But, keep in mind that tick collars are not the end-all for tick control. You can't just apply a collar to your dog and call it a day. Ticks can cling to your pet, enter your home, and fall off once they are inside.

Quick detection and removal — Check your dog frequently for tiny bumps on the skin. Look in the ears and between the toes first. These are common locations ticks attach. If you find a tick, use fine-point tweezers to remove the tick by pinching near its head. This can help to prevent the spread of disease.


Tick threats can be managed by controlling wildlife traffic and by reducing moisture, but an application of tick control products around your home is required for the greatest level of protection. These treatments should be performed by someone who is licensed and trained in the application of pest control products. This will ensure that the right materials are used in the right amount and in the correct locations. A trained professional will also make sure that the product is applied frequently enough to prevent natural conditions from neutralizing the barrier around your home.

If you live in New Jersey, let Arrow Pest Control help you appropriately deal with tick threats and protect the health of your dog and the health of everyone living inside your home. We know what is required to address ticks in New Jersey. Reach out to us today for immediate assistance.

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