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If you're seeing more spiders than usual inside your New Jersey home, the most obvious reason is that spiders are finding lots of holes, cracks, and gaps in your foundation or exterior walls. There are many ways house spiders get into New Jersey homes. The more entry points you have, the more spiders you're going to have. But there is more to the story than this. Here are a few more reasons to consider.

1. They've Found A Food Source Out In The Open

You can have lots of spiders in your home and never know it. This is because they can live on food sources inside your walls and in undisturbed locations such as your attic spaces or your basement. But an infestation of fruit flies, fungus flies, or some other fly, can lure them out into your common areas, where they will create webs to catch these flies.

2. They're Mating

When it is mating season, spiders will travel around in search of a mate. This can cause you to see them more often. When you'll see them depends on the species of spider. Often it is in the fall.

3. You Have a Large Population of Spiders

Most spiders are nocturnal. That means they'll be crawling around your home at night. But, if spiders have to compete for food resources, they may be forced to hunt for prey during the daytime. This can happen when spider populations grow larger than the food available in your home.

4. You're Getting Into Dark Places

If you're seeing more spiders, it might be you and not the spiders. Spiders prefer to hide in dark places. When you go up to grab a box out of storage, you can open it and find a spider inside. If this is how you're seeing spiders, it's not the spiders' fault.

5. An Egg Sac Hatched

Spiders can have more than 100 eggs in one sac. When those eggs hatch, you can suddenly find your walls covered in spiderlings. If the spiders you're seeing are tiny spiderlings, this is probably what happened.

6. Unfavorable Conditions

When conditions outside are unfavorable for insects, they can get into man-made structures. When they go inside, spiders often follow them in because spiders want to be where their food is. Some conditions that can drive insects into your home are drought, heavy rains, flooding, hot temperatures, and cold temperatures.

Are You Seeing Spiders?

If you're seeing more spiders than usual, there are a few things you should know about New Jersey spiders.

There are four common house pest spiders in New Jersey: American house spiders, wolf spiders, jumping spiders, and long-bodied cellar spiders.

All spiders have venom, but common house spiders do not have a venom that is considered medically important.

New Jersey is home to one dangerous spider: The black widow spider. It has a venom that can send you to the hospital.
If you find a web in your home that is made of strong silk strings that snap when you pluck them, you probably have a black widow spider. If you see a black spider hanging upside down in the middle of that web, you don't have to guess anymore. You have a black widow spider.

  • Wolf spiders don't make webs. You can have several wolf spiders and not know it until you stumble upon one in a still, quiet location. They're drawn to areas of moisture, so don't be surprised when one is sitting on the drain of your bathroom tub or sink.
  • American house spiders are small spiders that create wispy webs near your ceilings or in between your windows and screens. They often make several webs and tend them. If you have lots of webs and no spiders, this is probably the spider you're dealing with.
  • Jumping spiders are furry, like wolf spiders, and just like wolf spiders, they don't make webs to catch their prey. They do, however, create silken webs around their egg sacs and tuck them into crevices, corners, and other hidden places. So you may find webs from these spiders in your home. If you do, it is a good idea to remove them.

Whether you see more spiders than usual or the same old number of spiders as you always do, we can help you get control of those spiders. Reach out to Arrow Pest Control today for immediate assistance.

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