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When rodents get into a home they can be a lot of trouble. They bump around in attic spaces and scratch around in walls. They leave feces and urine in drawers, cabinets, pantries, and other places they explore. Rodents can introduce fleas, ticks, and other parasites to every corner of a home as they chew on insulation, sheetrock, wood, and other building materials. Worst of all, mice spread harmful bacteria and diseases. So it is a good idea to take action when you start to see signs of rodents in your home. We only hope that you'll take the right action. Here are a few unsuccessful ways people try to get rid of rodents, and why they don't work.

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Keeping things clean is a great way to avoid attracting rodents, but it doesn't do a whole lot to make rodents go away. Your home offers more to rodents than just a place to dine. It is the perfect location to hide from predators. When mice move through your wall voids they don't have to worry about snakes gobbling them up. When rats get into your attic spaces, they don't have to worry about a large bird snatching them from the sky. Your home has lots of places to hide and explore in relative safety, even if you have a pet. But we'll get to that in a minute.

Your attempts to seal food in plastic containers will also fall short of dealing with rodents. Rats and mice are both capable of chewing through plastic. But, even it they don't, this is a pest control method that works to avoid attraction. It doesn't drive rodents out.


You may not realize this but not every cat is a mouser. That is to say, not every cat is inclined to chase rodents down and eat them. Sure, the vast majority of cats will be excited to play with a rodent that appears from a hole and scurries along the wall in the kitchen. But rodents are cautious creatures who want to discourage other animals from taking an interest in them. This will lead them to introduce themselves slowly to the animal. This can even lead to apathy on the part of a house cat.

Another problem Fluffy has is she can't get into your walls or climb in behind your kitchen cabinets. Rodents can go from attic spaces to kitchen drawers and cabinets without ever coming out into the open.


This is a big one. The problem with traps is that they can actually be used as part of an effective rodent control plan. But they are often deployed wrong or used in a way that is ineffective. What do we mean by ineffective? When you put a trap in the right location, use the right bait, and find a mouse in that trap, you may think your problem has been resolved, especially if you're no longer hearing noises in your walls at night. But rodents don't normally make noise in a home. They are extremely quiet pests. That means you could continue to suffer with rodents and not even realize it. You would be amazed at how many people suffer with flu-like symptoms caused by rodents and think they just have the flu or a cold.

Proper Rodent Control

Getting rid of rodents requires an understanding of the habits and habitats of rodents. It begins with a detailed inspection by which the professional pest control technician tracks down visible signs in the most probable locations. This is followed by a systematic capture and monitoring of rodents in the home. When the rodents are completely gone, your technician will know. Your technician is also aware of secondary pest pressures like ticks, fleas, mites, and other parasites and can advise you on these. Beyond all this, your technician knows that your exterior walls need to be sealed to prevent future infestations.

No home should ever have rodents. If you're seeing signs of rodents or hearing noises in your walls, find out if you're in our service area. We provide New Jersey pest control  for your homes and businesses with the highest level of rodent control service. We'll make sure those rodents are gone. For good.

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