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What are termite swarmers?

swarm of flying termites outside a new jersey home

Termites are well-known insects that are capable of causing significant damage to houses and buildings, one bite at a time.  Here in New Jersey, it is the eastern subterranean species that creates the termite damage that property owners dread. Aptly named, subterranean termite colonies are located below the soil and venture through mud tubes in order to infest targeted structures.

Not every member of a termite colony is responsible for the damage incurred when they infest. In fact, every subterranean termite colony consists of three groups; workers, soldiers, and reproductive. Termite workers are those small white bugs you may see in your soil or find consuming your structure when you open up a wall. Soldier termites are responsible for defending the colony from threats but oddly enough they do the job blind. And then there are the reproductive members – also called termite swarmers. This group of new kings and queens are tasked with finding mates and establishing new termite colonies.  When these winged termites leave their parent colony, it is done so in flight and is a phenomenon that by now you probably realize is called a termite swarm.

When do termites swarm?

Termite swarming season in New Jersey officially starts when the warm weather arrives- that can be as early as late February or March. It is common to see termite swarms continue through June and July.

Going a bit more granular, termite swarms often occur early on in the day on warm days after a significant rainfall has occurred.

Where do termites swarm?

Termite swarms are possible indoors and outdoors. Unfortunately, if a termite swarm occurs inside a structure it is indicative of an active termite colony. Simply put, that means there’s a likely (not guaranteed) chance termites are already eating away at your structure 24/7/365.

When a termite swarm happens indoors, there will be hundreds of winged termites suddenly coming out of cracks in walls and in the foundation. If you don’t actually see a termite swarm in action, you’ll know it happened from the discarded wings that are often piled up on windowsills and floors. Termite swarmers have very fragile wings that fall off once a king and queen mate.

Off structure termite swarms are another common occurrence in counties throughout New Jersey. Unlike the almost certainty of an existing termite infestation when they swarm indoors, when termites swarm outdoors and off the structure that simply means that the swarm did not originate from inside the house or buildings. It could be a sign that there is a termite colony nearby.

What should I do if I find termites swarming inside my house or on my property?

If you see a termite swarm in or near your structure, we highly recommend scheduling a termite inspection. A trained termite exterminator will know where to look inside and on your property for signs of termites and if detected, will clearly explain the measures that are needed to get rid of termites.

Are termite swarmers dangerous?

Termite swarmers are not dangerous to people or pets as they do not bite or transmit disease. They are also not capable of inflicting the damage that termite workers are and so they are not an imminent threat. They are a sign that a dwelling or facility may be experiencing or on the verge of facing infestation and so should not be dismissed as a non-threat.

Do swarming termites mean infestation?

Not necessarily; as mentioned above it is an event that you want to take notice of for the preservation of your property. If you see a termite swarm, contact a pest control company right away to inspect the interior and exterior of your structure and the surrounding property.  After all, it is better to be safe than sorry.

How do I know if I have winged ants or swarming termites?

Termites aren’t the only bugs in the Garden State that swarm, ants do as well. Often winged carpenter ants are mistaken for swarming termites and vice versus. Though they are both wood damaging pests, treatment methods are different and it is in the best interest of your property to identify which one is swarming. To tell the difference between winged carpenter ants and swarming termites, you should:

Look at their coloring
Termite swarmers are solid black with white wings while carpenter ants are red, black, or brown in color.

Examine their body shape, wings, and antennae
Termites have long thick bodies, two pairs of wings that are equal in size, and straight antennae. Carpenter ants, on the other hand, have segmented bodies with narrow waists, elbowed antennae, and front wings that are longer than the back wings.  

How do I prevent termite swarms on my property?

Termites will swarm where they will but they do not fly very far. If your property already has an established colony on it, then you can expect to see termites swarming. If your neighbor’s property has an active infestation either inside or out, your property may become the target of reproductives. The best way to prevent termites from damaging your home or business is to put into place comprehensive termite protection.

Do I have to have an active infestation to sign up for termite control services?

Absolutely not and in fact, it is better to take a proactive approach to fighting termites. There are termite control services available that not only exterminate existing termite populates but prevent new termite colonies from starting.

At Arrow Pest Control, we’ve been providing termite control in New Jersey for over 47 years and have the tools, knowledge, and experience to get rid of these pests and to keep them away. Our preferred method of termite eradication is liquid termite treatments. Without going into too much detail, liquid termite treatments turn termite habits into weapons that work against foragers and the entire colony.

Serving Essex, Hudson, Mercer, Middlesex, Monmouth, Morris, Ocean, Somerset, and Union counties, the locally owned and family-operated Arrow Pest Control is ready to help you if you’re concerned about termites on your property. Available for both residential and commercial properties, you can rely on our highly trained and fully licensed team to accurately evaluate your structure for termites and to implement a plan of action that ensures these pests are eliminated!

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