Webbing Clothes Moths

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What are webbing clothes moths?

webbing cloth moth on a shirt in a new jersey closet

Webbing clothes moths, named for the silk webbing their larvae produce, are one of the most common fabric pests in New Jersey and throughout the U.S. 

What do webbing clothes moths look like?

Adult webbing clothes moths, or clothes moths as they are often referred to, are gold with reddish-golden hairs on the top of their heads and golden hairs on their wings. Larva or caterpillars have shiny white bodies, brown heads, and produce patches of silk webbing. 

Are webbing clothes moths dangerous?

Webbing clothes moths are not dangerous to health. They are also not a threat to the structural integrity of homes. They will damage clothing and items made from materials that contain keratin, a fibrous protein, including wool, fur, silk, and fabrics made from a blend of wool, cotton, or other synthetics. 

What do webbing clothes moths eat?

Anything that contains the aforementioned keratin is fair game for the webbing clothes moth larva. In fact, you might assume adult moths are the ones responsible for the holes in your sweaters and other damages to fabric, but it’s actually the larva that is behind the destruction. Adult webbing clothes moths don’t actually have mouthparts to feed.

Why do I have a webbing clothes moth problem?

Like many common household pests, adult clothes moths will enter through any crack, gap, or opening they can find on the exterior. Once inside, they will lay their eggs on keratin rich materials in closets, attics, and other places where there are fabrics stored. 

The eggs will hatch into larvae that will eventually emerge as winged adults and the cycle will continue as will the damage if not stopped.

How do I get rid of webbing clothes moths?

The best way to eliminate all stages of webbing clothes moths from your home is to contact a pest control company. At Arrow Pest Control, we offer home pest control plans that target webbing clothes moths and other fabric pests as well as a variety of nuisance and potentially destructive insects and rodents common to New Jersey.

If you’ve found clothes moths damaging your belongings, contact our locally owned and family-operated company to schedule your free pest evaluation!

How can I prevent a webbing clothes moth infestation?

To prevent webbing clothes moths and other pest problems, we recommend sealing any gaps found on the exterior of the structure. We’d also suggest the following prevention tips:

  • Regularly clean closets and other areas where infestations of these pests are likely to occur. 
  • Vacuum upholstered furniture and areas where hair and debris hide away. 
  • When storing clothing, make sure they are clean and free of pests before sealing them in garment bags or other airtight containers. 
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