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There are a few things you can immediately expect from wood roaches when they get into your New Jersey home. First of all, these are not shy cockroaches—well, the males aren't shy. They have no problem crawling around where you can see them. They don't have the personality trait that is shared by many other cockroach species which causes them to stay in hiding. They're also not light sensitive. When you flick a light on in your home, most cockroaches will run for cover; not this roach. It doesn't have a problem with light. In fact, it is all too common to see wood cockroaches come out of light fixtures because male wood roaches are attracted to light. So one way you can tell that you're dealing with this type of cockroaches is to look for these behavioral traits. You can also identify wood roaches by their markings and coloration. Since females prefer to stay hidden, we'll just describe the males. They are pill-shaped, tan-colored and around 1 inch in length. On the back just below the head, you'll see two translucent stripes on the outside edge. If these are the cockroaches you're seeing in your home, here are a few more things you should know about them.

How Wood Roaches Get In

There are two ways these roaches usually get into New Jersey homes. The first is the same as all other cockroaches, they find a tiny gap, crack, or hole and squeeze right through. They are especially fond of entry points that are in wood. The second way they get in is less obvious. Wood cockroaches love to climb around in stacks of wood. If you heat your New Jersey home with wood, you could accidentally bring wood cockroaches in from your barn, shed, or outbuilding when you bring wood inside to burn. Fortunately, wood cockroaches don't like to lay their eggs inside and infestations are rare.

In and Out Roach Motel

If you're seeing wood roaches in your New Jersey home quite a bit, it is likely that you have entry points that should be addressed. A few common entry points are:
  • Holes created by wood-damaging pests.
  • Broken seals around window and door frames.
  • Missing or damaged door sweeps.
  • Gaps in the rubber weatherstripping around exterior doors.
  • Gaps around pipes and wire conduits.
  • Cracks in foundation walls.
  • Chipped mortar.
  • Damaged screens and holes in door and window frames.
When wood cockroaches become a problem, they usually go in and out of a home frequently, preferring to be in rotting organic debris around the home. This is a helpful trait for the control of these cockroaches. When we apply a pest control barrier treatment around a New Jersey home, wood roaches pass through it on the way in and on the way out. This can lead to elimination. Along with this, however, it is important to alter conditions that are conducive for wood cockroach habitation around the home, such as removing leaves and sticks and keeping the lawn and landscaping trimmed.

Cockroach Threats

These cockroaches are a low threat for the spread of harmful bacteria but it is important to know that they feed on decaying animals and may carry organisms into your home that could cause sickness. They can leave bacteria on surfaces, dishes, cutting boards, and more but they are mostly considered to be nuisance pests.

Best Way to Control Wood Roaches

Since these roaches don't prefer to be in homes, it is much easier to control them than it is to control other cockroach species. You may be able to get control by sealing entry points, reducing organic debris around your home, reducing humidity on the inside of your home, keeping woodpiles away from your exterior, and by keeping exterior lights off at night. But for the best protection, you should consider a residential pest control plan. Wood cockroaches are only one of many pests that can get into your home and present a threat to your family. With year-round pest control, you can keep pests out. Reach out to us today to learn more. We're here to help.

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