Reasons You May Be Seeing More Spiders Than Usual In Your New Jersey Home

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If you're seeing more spiders than usual inside your New Jersey home, the most obvious reason is that spiders are finding lots of holes, cracks, and gaps in your foundation or exterior walls. There are many ways house spiders get into New Jersey homes. The more entry points you have, the more spiders you're going to have. The three most common types of spiders in New Jersey are house spiders, wolf spiders, and jumping spiders. Learn more about each spider below in our pest identification center: 

Six reasons you may be seeing more spiders than normal

Spiders are common in homes throughout New Jersey. Below are six of the most common reasons why you may be seeing more spiders than usual:

They've found a food source in common areas of your home

You can have lots of spiders in your home and never know it. This is because they can live on food sources inside your walls and in undisturbed locations such as your attic spaces or your basement. But an infestation of house flies, fungus flies, or some other fly, can lure them out into your common areas, where they will create webs to catch these flies.

It could be mating season

When it is mating season, spiders will travel around in search of a mate. This can cause you to see them more often. When you'll see them depends on the species of spider. For the common house spider, the typical mating season is in the fall. 

You could be dealing with a large spider infestation

Most spiders are nocturnal. That means they'll be crawling around your home at night. But, if spiders have to compete for food resources, they may be forced to hunt for prey during the daytime. This can happen when spider populations grow larger than the food available in your home.

You could be in rarely-used areas of you home

As stated above, spiders tend to avoid humans as much as possible. More often than not, you'll discover spiders inside your walls, up in your attic or in rarely-used areas of your home. These types of areas in your home are ideal for spiders to thrive and when you grab a box out of storage, you are disturbing their habitat.

An egg sac may have hatched

Spiders can have more than 100 eggs in one sac. When those eggs hatch, you can suddenly find your walls covered in spiderlings. If the spiders you're seeing are tiny spiderlings, this is probably what happened.

Are the weather conditions unfavorable?

When conditions outside are unfavorable for insects, they can get into man-made structures. When they go inside, spiders often follow them in because spiders want to be where their food is. Some conditions that can drive insects into your home are drought, heavy rains, flooding, hot temperatures, and cold temperatures.

Dangerous spiders in New Jersey

New Jersey is home to one dangerous kind of spider, the black widow. A black widow spider has a venom that can send you to the hospital. Black widow spider webs are strong in appearance, much like a strand of silk and will typically "snap" when you pluck them and they are noticeably different from a normal spider web. What's more, black widow spiders will typically hang upside down in the middle of their nest, where other spiders typically hide until their prey is trapped. 

Professional spider control solutions for New Jersey residents

Whether you see more spiders than usual or the same old number of spiders as you always do, we have a solution! Reach out to Arrow Pest Control today for immediate assistance.

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