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How To Get Rid Of Stink Bugs

October 5, 2017

stink bug crawling on foundation

The name “stink bug” doesn’t leave a lot to the imagination when it comes to these peculiar pests. But what exactly are these bugs? Are they a huge threat to our homes? Stink bugs are brown in color, less than an inch long, and have a triangular shaped shield along their back. They are appropriately named, as they have glands on their bodies that emit a foul odor. This makes it difficult to eliminate them from the home, because when they feel threatened they release the odor. We often will squash or vacuum up bugs we see in our homes to get rid of them but in the case of stink bugs, it actually causes more harm. They will release the odor in the process leaving us with that negative side effect. Besides this smelly issue, stink bugs do not cause any severe damage to the home and are really more of a nuisance.

Why are they getting into our homes this fall? Once summer is over and the cool weather of fall has begun, stink bugs are on the hunt for a warm place to spend the winter. Really, who can blame them? Your home is the equivalent to a tropical beach. They are also in search for plants and fruits to eat. They enter through attic fans, vents, chimneys and other openings in our homes. In order to prevent a stink bug infestation, it’s important for you to ensure that all openings are properly sealed and make any necessary repairs to the places that aren’t. This may include replacing broken vents or using caulk to fill any small openings. If you have tried these prevention tips and are still concerned about an infestation, Arrow Pest Control can give you peace of mind by sending over a pest control specialist who will provide exterior and interior treatments to keep these bugs out. You may be wondering how do I get rid of stink bugs if they are already in my home? It is best to call Arrow Pest Control right away to properly eliminate the infestation.

Arrow Pest Control has served residents of New Jersey for over four decades. They offer various levels of pest control coverage that is tailored to each homeowners needs. They highly recommend the year-round Home Protection Program. This includes three seasonal visits, interior and exterior prevention, and service calls. This program covers your entire property ranging from attics to sheds. If you are in need of an even deeper evaluation and treatment of your property, they offer the Home Protection Program Plus, which includes an extra visit as well as various other perks. Arrow Pest Control is committed to providing comfort to all customers, which is something that stink bugs definitely do not leave homeowners feeling.

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