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Whether your facility is 1,000 or one million square feet, it is vulnerable to pests. At Arrow Pest Control, we know how to protect your business, no matter how large or what type of industry.  We offer commercial pest control solutions to New Jersey businesses that deliver exceptional, long-lasting results. 


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Integrated Pest Management For Your Facility

A long-term strategy designed to keep pest population levels below the desirable thresholds, Integrated Pest Management (IPM) focuses on biological, mechanical and cultural means to control pests while using the least amount of material possible. A leader in IPM, Arrow uses innovative technology and methodologies that exceed industry standards, and most importantly, control pests that threaten New Jersey businesses. When you contact Arrow, we’ll work together, not as vendor and client, but as partners to eliminate pests and the damage they create.


What To Expect When Arrow Is Your Pest Management Provider

commercial pest control tech inspecting kitchenWhen you contact Arrow to help protect your employees, products and facilities from pests, we’ll tailor a pest control program to fit your company, facility and pest pressures.  Our commercial pest control program often includes:

Pest Threat Analysis:  Our trained and licensed technicians will perform a thorough interior and exterior inspection to determine if there is current pest activity, identify conditions conducive to pests, and locate critical service points such as storage rooms and trash areas.  We’ll also track pest activity by installing monitoring devices such as rodent control devices, pheromone traps, insect traps, and insect light traps.

Evaluation: We’ll evaluate our findings from the threat analysis, and take a look at the pest trends in your facility to see if the same pests are in the same areas repeatedly.  This allows us to zero in on problem areas, determine why it continues to be a problem and design a plan of action.

Treatment: Based on our findings and knowledge of your facility, our team will develop and implement an Integrated Pest Management plan to reduce insect and rodent activity below the desired threshold.

Documentation: Arrow will provide a comprehensive report on our findings, what services we performed, our recommendations for management and employees, and the next steps.  We’ll also leave a consumer information sheet at your facility that includes information on the materials we used, a log of pest sightings, a plot plan, Arrow’s licenses as well as service information and more!

Pest Solutions For Every Industry


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Send pests straight to detention when you contact Arrow for your school’s pest control efforts. Our team will design and implement a pest management solution that eliminates health and safety risks associated with pests while adhering to our state's laws regarding IPM in schools. At Arrow, we’ve successfully partnered with public, private, and charter Pre-k – 12 schools as well as colleges, universities and daycare centers. 


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According to a J.D. Power study, guests of hotels and other commercial lodgings want online or mobile check-in, free wi-fi, breakfast, and parking.  They said nothing of bed bugs or encounters with other pests.  When you partner with Arrow for pest control in your facility, we’ll make sure insects and rodents see the no vacancy sign. And because bed bugs are a serious threat for the hospitality industry, Arrow offers proactive bed bug control solutions including weekly or monthly inspections, mattress encasements, and active guard liners.  Our pest control company also provides education and training seminars for employees including leadership and housekeeping.


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People visit the doctor to improve their health, not to risk it. At Arrow Pest Control, we have worked extensively in the healthcare industry, protecting hospitals, outpatient clinics, medical offices, rehabilitation centers, nursing homes, behavioral health and recovery service facilities from insects and rodents. Our pest control services for the healthcare industry are designed to eliminate pests while protecting patients, employees and visitors.


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Insects and rodents aren’t looking for sales when they infest shops, department stores, chain stores, boutiques and other retail facilities. They’re looking for food and shelter. Arrow’s retail pest control solutions focus on eliminating pest activity, correcting conditions that attract them in the first place and safeguarding your customers and employees, products, and your brand.


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Pest problems in warehouses, manufacturing plants and other industrial facilities contaminate products, threaten employee health and safety, and compromise the operations. Arrow Pest Control understands how insects, rodents and birds affect industrial facilities and work with owners, managers, and staff to send these pests packing!


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Don’t let roaches, rats and other pests shut down your restaurant or foodservice facility. Partner with Arrow for comprehensive foodservice pest control to target insects and rodents that infest restaurants, bars, delis, food processing and distribution facilities, and other industry-related businesses. Our team of commercial pest control pros will make pest activity doesn’t land you in hot water with the Department of Health.

Commercial Property Management

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Pest problems can lead to unoccupied units and where there are no tenants, there is no income. Arrow Pest Control has partnered with property management firms in New Jersey to effectively control pest populations in and around their office buildings and other managed properties. We’ll keep insects and rodents at bay using efficient, unobtrusive means so your tenants and clients won’t raise their eyebrows.

Multi-Family Housing

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Bed bugs and roaches spread like wildfire in multi-family housing units.  These insects crawl through walls, under floors and move from unit to unit if left un-treated.  Arrow’s pest control services for multi-unit housing facilities focuses on eliminating these bugs and other pests that infest apartment complexes, townhouses, and condos as well as other multi-family housing units.  Don’t let your property be overtaken by nuisance and potentially dangerous pests, trust Arrow Pest Control to evict your unwelcome tenants.

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