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When carpenter bees, yellow jackets, and other stinging insects become active on your property, they can make life outside a little less enjoyable. Threat of stings, worry about damage to your structure, and just the annoyance of having them buzzing around are all hazards that come with the arrival of warmer months in Essex, Hudson, and Monmouth as well as counties throughout New Jersey

Rather than avoid spending time in your outdoor living spaces when stinging insect activity is happening, contact Arrow Pest Control for help. It’s time to take the sting out of these pests and take back your yard!

Types Of Stinging Insects In New Jersey

Not sure what type of stinging insect has shown up on your property? Listed below are the ones that we commonly see here in New Jersey. If you’re still not sure, simply give us a call; we’d be happy to come out and inspect!

Carpenter Bee Control


Once spring arrives in New Jersey, carpenter bees are a very common sight. Solitary bees, they are not aggressive like other stinging insects and really only sting if provoked. What makes these bees such a pest is their penchant for drilling into wood structures.

Decks, porches, and other wood surfaces, especially ones that have not been painted or stained, are targets for these industrious bees. That’s because they are working hard to drill holes in order to create nesting galleries where they reproduce. In addition to the damage they inflict while drilling, carpenter bee nests attract woodpeckers who will peck at the holes in the wood in order to get to the bee larvae they enjoy consuming. 

While there’s no way to prevent carpenter bees from showing up, Arrow Pest Control offers effective carpenter bee control services that take care of them when they do!

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Cicada Killer Wasp Treatments

cicada killer wasp burrowing in new jersey yard

If cicadas show up on your property (which they will) you can expect cicada killer wasps to arrive as well. These solitary stinging insects are large and menacing to look at but for the most part they’ll leave you alone. That's unless you give them a reason to defend themselves and then females will sting. Male cicada killers are not capable of stinging but that won’t stop them from intimidating you by dive bombing. 

Stings from cicada killers are not as painful as yellow jackets and other stinging insects and their venom is not as potent compared to others. Infestations of cicada killer wasps can lead to unsightly mounds on your lawn and flower beds because they create tunnels in the ground in order to establish burrows or nests for reproduction purposes. 

As is the case with carpenter bees, you cannot stop their arrival on your property but once cicada killers are there, Arrow Pest Control has solutions to help you get rid of cicada killer wasps including treatment focused on the holes they create.

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Ongoing Stinging Insect Control 

To prevent paper wasps, yellow jackets, hornets, and other stinging pests from establishing nests in or around your home, we recommend signing up for our Home Protection Plan today! Let us help you keep stinging insects away from your family, pets, and home AND also stop other nuisance and potentially destructive insects and rodents from infesting your New Jersey home all year-round. 

Home Protection Program

Service consists of the elimination of your current pest or rodent problem, complemented by both interior and exterior year-round protection of your home, which is inclusive of three seasonal visits. The program covers your entire property including attics, mailboxes, playsets, sheds, and fences.

Pests targeted with Arrow’s Home Protection Plan services include ants (excluding carpenter ants, pharaoh ants and acrobatic), bees, boxelder bugs, carpenter bees, carpet beetles, centipedes, cicada killers, clover mites, crickets, digger bees, earwigs, fabric & paper pests, fleas (inside only), ground beetles, hornets, mice, pillbugs, millipedes, rats, roaches, silverfish, sowbugs, spiders, springtails, stored product pests, and wasps.

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