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Have you woken up to bed bug bites? Have you discovered live bugs crawling on your skin after dark? Have your customers reported bed bugs? Unfortunately, bed bugs are a persistent problem, and are not going away anytime soon. If your home or business has become infested with these biting insects, don’t ignore the problem. Left un-treated, bed bugs will multiply and could spread to other areas of your home, through the wall to your neighbor’s apartment, or throughout your business. Contact Arrow Pest Control for effective bed bug control services in New Jersey.

Arrow's Bed Bug Treatment Protocol

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Bed Bug Inspection Performed By A Trained Pest Control Specialist

When you contact Arrow for bed bugs, we’ll start with a visual inspection. A highly trained and licensed pest control technician will inspect all visible areas for live bugs, eggs, and evidence of bed bugs.

Bed Bug Dog Inspection

In addition to a visual inspection, Arrow Pest Control may suggest a bed bug dog inspection performed by a third party bed bug dog handler. Often times, this would be our recommendation when bed bugs are suspected but cannot be confirmed by a visual inspection.  While bed bugs hide in mattresses, bed frames and other furniture and personal belongings, they also hide under carpeting and flooring and behind walls where they are not visible to the naked eye. The trained nose of a bed bug dog is not limited to visible areas and can quickly and accurately pinpoint bed bugs in areas not visible or accessible to people.  

Customized Bed Bug Treatment Plan

If bed bugs are positively identified, we’ll recommend a course of action that will result in the elimination of your bed bug infestation. Our treatment program includes an initial intensive service and two follow-up visits spread out over a six week period.  Our last service visit is to inspect your property to ensure that bed bugs have been eliminated.

Trust Arrow To Resolve Your Bed Bug Problem!

Bed Bug Control By Arrow Pest Control Bed Bug Control By Arrow Pest Control

Methods Arrow Uses To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs

Arrow Pest Control combats bed bug infestations by eliminating live bugs on contact and actively preventing their reemergence.  Our bed bug extermination methods include:

  • Physical removal
  • Thermal remediation
  • Chemical application

Based on your inspection, we’ll customize a treatment plan that fits your specific situation. We also offer bed bug preventative solutions including mattress encasements, active mattress liners, and climb-ups.  From beginning to end, you can count on our team to get rid of bed bugs so you can sleep peacefully through the night!  

Portable Heat Chamber

bed bug heat treatment in a new jersey home

Arrow’s portable bed bug heat chamber is ideal for treating infested items that are often discarded.  This includes furniture, bedroom sets, clothing, electronics, books, and other belongings.   Our heat chamber is portable, which means we come to you!  Other benefits include:

  • Non-chemical
  • Kills eggs & adult bed bugs
  • May also be used to treat for stored product pests and fabric pests

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