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Arrow Puts A Stop To The Fall Stink Bug Invasion

An invasive species that first arrived in Pennsylvania in 1996, stink bugs become a problem for New Jersey homeowners once the summer heat starts to fade and is replaced with cooler weather.  Stink bugs enter homes and other structures through attic fans, gable vents and other openings on the exterior.  Once they’ve found a warm place, they’re likely end up staying the winter.  If you’re concerned about these overwintering insects infesting your home, contact Arrow Pest Control.

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When Should You Call For Stink Bug Control?

At Arrow Pest Control, we recommend calling midsummer to schedule your stink bug control service before these pests start looking for warm shelter.

Our Stink Bug Control Service

When you contact Arrow for stink bug control in New Jersey, one of our experienced pest control technicians will perform an exterior treatment to stop stink bugs from making their way inside.  While there, our technician may perform exclusion work which is simply sealing off potential entry points.

Is Arrow’s Stink Bug Treatment Effective?

Absolutely! When you contact Arrow Pest Control for help with stink bugs late August through mid to late November, we’ll be able to get rid of stink bugs before they have a chance to infest your property.  And once we’ve treated, our service provides coverage until June of the following year! Don’t spend another winter with these bugs, contact Arrow for relief.

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