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Professional Stink Bug Control & Prevention

Stink bugs are notorious for their ability to get into your home through the smallest of openings, such as small cuts in your window screens and cracks between and around doors. When fall rolls around, these pests begin to search for somewhere to spend the winter and your New Jersey home is the perfect place. In your home, they have access to everything they need and once inside, these fall invaders become extremely difficult to control and eliminate. That's why the best stink bug control is prevention through exclusion methods. 

Arrow's Approach To Controlling Stink Bugs

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Exterior Service

When you call Arrow for stink bug control, our service professionals will inspect your home for possible entry points around vents, soffit areas, and other areas where heat leaks. Our experts will then seal all entry points based on our inspection. 

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Interior Service

Our service professionals will also evaluate areas inside your home, such as your attic (if easily accessible), and seal up any potential entry points, including the use of fine wire mesh over vents to keep stink bugs out. 

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Lasting Stink Bug Protection

When you contact Arrow Pest Control to get rid of stink bugs in August through mid to late November, we’ll be able to treat the areas of your home before stink bugs can get inside. And once we’ve treated, our service provides coverage until June of the following year! 


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Stink Bug FAQs

When should you call for stink bug control?

At Arrow Pest Control, we recommend calling midsummer to schedule your stink bug control service before these pests start looking for warm shelter.

Is Arrow's stink bug treatment effective?

Absolutely! When you contact Arrow Pest Control for help with stink bugs late August through mid to late November, we’ll be able to get rid of stink bugs before they have a chance to infest your property.  And once we’ve treated, our service provides coverage until June of the following year! Don’t spend another winter with these bugs, contact Arrow for relief.

What attracts stink bugs to my home?

Besides the food and shelter, common things are areas of your home that leak heat as these pests are looking for a warm place to spend the winter. Stink bugs are also attracted to light, so shutting off porch lights and closing your shades at night so light doesn't leak out will be a good first step to making your home less appealing to stink bugs. 

Do stink bugs cause damage to my home?

Unlike termites and carpenter ants, stink bugs don't eat wood when they get inside your home. These pests primarily feed on fruits, vegetables, and other plants around your home. 

When does stink bug season in New Jersey start?

Stink bugs typically start invading your New Jersey home around the beginning of fall and will continue to search for a place to overwinter until late November.

How long do stink bugs live?

Typically, stink bugs live for 6-8 months.

Do stink bugs fly?

Yes, stink bugs can fly. Adult stink bugs have two pairs of wings and often fly around your home in search of food and water. 

Do stink bugs bite?

Since stink bugs don't rely on blood as a food source, their mouths are not capable of biting due to how their mouth is structured. 


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