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Do Termites Fly?

March 27, 2020

reproductive termites swarming in order to produce

A simple question, do termites fly? The answer however, is not quite as clear as you may like. Our response to said query is yes… and no. To expand a bit, not all termites fly but there are members of a termite colony that will spread their wings and… you guessed it – fly!... Read More

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COVID-19 Update & Pest Control

March 23, 2020

arrow pest control updates COVID-19

I hope that this finds all of us healthy currently! As you all have seen from me previously, I am ahead of the curve when it comes to the public safety of both you and my fellow employees. Prior to Governor Murphy’s State Order, I initiated a work from home policy for all office personnel of Arrow. We are a fully functioning business as our phones and computer systems are all web-based so you will see no difference in how we are f... Read More

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