Fall Tick Treatments In New Jersey Are A Must

We know what you’re thinking, it’s getting colder out and there’s no need to worry about ticks anymore. Wrong. Unfortunately, ticks in New Jersey are still very much active and will continue to be a threat to health for a bit longer.

Types of ticks in New Jersey

What are ticks in New Jersey doing now?

Though the first day of fall arrived on Wednesday, September 22, summer(ish) conditions remain and with them, the ticks. Right now, adult ticks are actively looking for hosts in order to get in one more bloodmeal before the colder mornings turn into cold all day long and the ground freezes.

Not only are they on the search for a host, they could very well be creeping closer to you and your loved ones under the cover of the fallen leaves. If you have pets or family members who enjoy playing in the yard, there is an increased potential for encounters with ticks and especially the Lyme disease spreading deer ticks. 

Why Arrow Pest Control protects families from ticks with one last tick treatment 

Here at Arrow Pest Control, we maintain that the fall tick treatment is a must because we understand that when we eliminate a single female tick from our customers’ properties, we are potentially stopping SEVERAL THOUSAND new ticks from hatching once spring arrives.  

After the bloodmeal we mentioned above is completed, female ticks will mate and deposit thousands of eggs into the ground where they will remain until hatching in the spring. It is the nymphalid ticks that cause the majority of Lyme disease infections in people because they aren’t usually detected due to their small size and painless bites. By zeroing in on the adult ticks in the fall, we have the ability to prevent a much larger tick problem the following year!

How Arrow treats for ticks in the fall

When customers sign up for Arrow’s seasonal tick and mosquito reduction program, our locally owned and family-operated New Jersey pest control company will provide monthly services, starting in April and extending through October. 

In October, one of our highly trained and fully licensed pest management specialists will complete the final service, broadcasting a granular tick treatment to areas where these biting pests are likely to be lurking. 

Sign up for mosquito and tick control today!

As we finish treating properties for ticks this month, we’re already gearing up for next year. If Arrow isn’t already your mosquito and tick control company in New Jersey, give us a call to sign up for service for 2022. Serving Paramus, Montclair, and Chatham as well as communities throughout our multi-county service area, you can count on our team to help you take back your yard from biting mosquitoes and ticks! 

Jared L.


‟We have a quarterly service plan with Arrow. They are not only focused on addressing issues they put preventative measures in place to prevent issues from happening, like looking for and sealing the places where bugs can get into the home. The team are professional, friendly, thorough and provide details about every step of their process. We have had several different technicians over the last 2 years and each follows the same process and guidelines. Definitely recommend for treatment and prevention.”
Jared L.
Manalapan, NJ
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