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Arrow Eliminates Wood Destroying Carpenter Ants

If you’ve noticed large black ants inside your home or on your property, you’re likely dealing with wood destroying carpenter ants. Left un-treated, carpenter ants will cause structural damage.  Avoid the stress and repair work associated with these ants when you contact Arrow Pest Control for carpenter ant control in New Jersey.

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Proven Carpenter Ant Solutions

Effective carpenter ant control from Arrow includes:


An Arrow pest control technicians will conduct a full interior and exterior inspection to confirm the presence of carpenter ants, where they’re infesting, and how they’re getting in.  Inside, inspection areas include wall voids and moisture prone areas.  Outside, we’ll inspect trees and around your home for signs of activity.

Exterior Treatment

Your technician will perform a full exterior treatment to the perimeter of your home and key harborage areas using materials that are highly effective in eliminating carpenter ants.

Interior Treatment (If Needed)

If carpenter ants are inside your home and treatment is necessary, we’ll take care of that too. 

Follow Up Services

Once our team has treated your home and property for carpenter ants, we will return not once but twice for follow up visits to make sure these ants are eliminated.

One Year Renewable Carpenter Ant Warranty

After Arrow has controlled carpenter ant activity in your home, we’ll provide you with a one year renewable carpenter ant warranty.  That means our carpenter ant treatments are guaranteed for one year. Should a re-infestation of these ants occur, we’ll come back out and take care of the problem at no additional cost to you.  Every year, your carpenter ant warranty is renewable, we’ll simply come back out inspect, treat the exterior and interior if necessary, and you’ll be covered for another year!

Save When You Bundle Your Carpenter Ant Control And Home Pest Control Services

In addition to our standalone carpenter ant treatments, our New Jersey pest control company also offers home pest control programs that protect against carpenter ants AND other common household pests including one that targets termites as well. Click here to learn more about Arrow’s home pest control solutions!

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