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Arrow's “Bite Back!” Mosquito And Tick Reduction Program

If you simply want to enjoy your outdoor space while the weather is warm, Arrow Pest Control helps New Jersey homeowners deal with irritating mosquitoes and threatening ticks.

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How Arrow Reduces Mosquitoes & Ticks

Complete elimination of mosquitoes and ticks is impossible, our goal is to decrease the likelihood that your family or pets will come into contact with these pests.  We use the latest technology, equipment, and materials to combat mosquitoes and ticks where they live and where they reproduce. We’ll identify any areas that may harbor these pests and recommend habitat modifications.

When you contact us for help reducing populations of mosquitoes and ticks on your property, you can expect to see us every month May through September, when these pests are most active.  After an initial inspection to identify breeding and resting sites, we will apply treatment to areas of concern including lawns, overgrown areas, fence lines, and transitional areas. These 5 individual treatments will create a protective barrier against these biting insects. We’ll also treat mosquito breeding sites with material that prevent mosquito larvae from developing into annoying, biting adult mosquitoes, and make recommendations on how you can reduce conducive conditions on your property that encourage these pests. 

No mosquito and tick management plan can guarantee the complete extermination of pests on or around your New Jersey property. However, with our program, the possibility of pests breeding and reproducing throughout the season is drastically reduced in one convenient service.   

For optimal results, we recommend pet owners work with their veterinarians to get their pets on a tick control regimen. 

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Special Event Mosquito Services

If you’re planning a family reunion, and outdoor wedding or other outdoor event and want to make sure your guests aren't carried away by mosquitoes, contact Arrow Pest Control for help. Our one-time mosquito treatments are a great way to reduce mosquito activity and can be completed 48 to 72 hours prior to your event.

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