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Arrow’s Bite Back! Program: Mosquito & Tick Yard Treatments

Mosquitoes and ticks are annoying. More than that, they can be vectors of serious disease that threaten health, including Lyme disease, Rocky Mountain spotted fever, and West Nile virus.

 If you want to enjoy your outdoor space while the weather is warm without worrying about these biting pests, Arrow Pest Control helps New Jersey homeowners deal with irritating mosquitoes and threatening ticks. 

How Our Local NJ Pest Control Experts Reduce Mosquito & Tick Activity

months where mosquitoes and ticks are most active in new jersey

Tick activity In New Jersey starts early in the year.  Though not as early as ticks, mosquitoes make an appearance in early spring. Without a treatment program in place, these biting pests can quickly gain a foothold in your backyard before you even have a chance to really enjoy it.

When you choose Arrow Pest Control, we’ll help you protect your family and pets, starting with a granular tick treatment in April and monthly spraying for ticks and mosquitoes May through September.  The program finishes off with another granular tick treatment in October.

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Property Inspection

Your mosquito and tick control program will start with a thorough inspection of the property to identify potential resting and breeding sites. 

pest control technician treating nj yard for ticks

Granular Tick Treatment

In April and again in October, we'll broadcast a granular tick treatment across your lawn to exterminate adult ticks as well as larvae and nymphs that live in the soil. 

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Mosquito & Tick Spraying

Starting in May and ending in September, a licensed pest control technician will spray your backyard including lawns, overgrown areas, fence lines, and transitional areas.

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If, for any reason, weather or any other factors interfere with your service efficacy, Arrow will re-do your treatment FREE of charge.

While complete elimination of mosquitoes and ticks is impossible, our goal at Arrow Pest Control is to decrease the likelihood that you, your family, or pets will come into contact with these pests. When you choose our locally owned and operated pest control company to treat your property for mosquitoes and ticks, we will deliver results! 

We have, and always will be, the protectors of your environment, home, and family!

Arrow has been protecting families from pests for more than 45 years and remain committed to doing so even in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic. 

While you are stuck at home, you can relax in your backyard knowing our company, an essential service provider, will get rid of the ticks and mosquitoes that could potentially spread Lyme disease, West Nile virus and other diseases.

Make sure your family is protected, contact Arrow today!

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Green Mosquito & Tick Control

For homeowners in New Jersey who would prefer a green mosquito and tick control service, Arrow Pest Control also offers a specially-formulated botanical solution.

Every month (May through October), a licensed technician will apply the Green Zone™ product to grassy areas, plants, bushes, trees, and other shaded and/or damp areas.

mosquito free wedding in new jersey

Special Event Mosquito & Tick Treatments

If you’re planning a family reunion, and outdoor wedding or other outdoor event and want to make sure your guests aren't carried away by mosquitoes or leave with a tick embedded on their person, contact Arrow Pest Control for help.

Our one-time mosquito and tick treatments are a great way to reduce the populations of mosquitoes and ticks on the event site and can be completed 48 to 72 hours prior to your event.

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Mosquito & Tick Treatment Frequently Asked Questions

What types of ticks are in New Jersey?

The types of ticks most commonly found in New Jersey include Blacklegged ticks (deer ticks), American dog ticks, brown dog ticks, and Lone star ticks.  Learn more about ticks in NJ

Does this program cover mosquitoes and ticks inside my home?

Our Bite Back! Program is an exterior service only. It is designed to eliminate mosquitoes and ticks before they have a chance to enter your home. 

If I choose this service, do I have to treat my pets for ticks?

Yes, absolutely! For optimal results, we recommend pet owners work with their veterinarians to get their pets on a tick control regimen.

How long does mosquito and tick season last in New Jersey?

There is no specific start date or ending date for mosquito and tick season but it is typically between April and October. Learn more about the factors that contribute to how long mosquito and tick season lasts.

What can I do to prevent mosquitoes between services?

There are many things New Jersey homeowners can do to prevent mosquitoes in between services including keeping all outdoor trash securely covered. Read more of our home defense tips for mosquito season.

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