Tick, Small Ant & Carpenter Bee Activity Up In NJ

Spring has arrived in New Jersey and while it may not seem like an ordinary spring because of the coronavirus, we can take comfort that some things remain the same.  Like warmer weather, some rainy days, and grass turning green. Oh, and the bugs have become active just like they do every spring.  In fact, not only have bugs started showing up, they’re out in force. In the last few days alone, our office has received multiple calls about small ants, carpenter bees, and of course, ticks.  

Small ants in Montclair, South Orange, throughout New Jersey

Small ants in the kitchen, small ants around the door, small ants everywhere! So, what are these small ants in New Jersey and are they a threat like the wood-destroying carpenter ant? If you’ve found little black ants inside your home or trying to make their way indoors, it’s very likely you have an odorous house ant problem.  The good news, these pests are not dangerous nor destructive. The bad news, they are annoying and should not be a welcomed addition inside your home or around your foundation. 

Carpenter bees are driving homeowners inside

Back decks across New Jersey are under attack.  The culprit – carpenter bees.  Though they have a different M.O. than yellow jackets and wasps, they are not a pest you want near your home.  These solitary bees drill holes in wood in order to lay their eggs. They prefer weathered, unfinished and un-treated wood but may attack painted or stained wood too.  Carpenter bees are likely to be found drilling into frames, eaves, and other exterior wood surfaces and these holes attract woodpeckers searching for carpenter bee larvae.  What’s more, they have a tendency to return to the same spot year after year, causing greater damage.

Ticks looking for hosts across the Garden State

We’ve been talking about ticks a lot lately and with good reason.  They’ve been active in New Jersey almost from the beginning of the year and are a growing pest problem – one that can lead to health issues for those on the receiving end of a tick bite.  Lyme disease, Rocky Mountain spotted fever, and meat allergies are all problems associated with ticks in New Jersey. Backyards, especially ones that are frequented by wildlife, are becoming infested with deer ticks, Lone star ticks, and dog ticks.  While not ideal ever, it has become more of concern for those of us who have been spending a lot more time outside on our properties. 

How can Arrow Pest Control help?

As an essential business, Arrow Pest Control is committed to protecting the well-being of our customers and offer effective pest control services that eliminate and prevent pest infestations – both inside and out. If your home has been encroached upon by small ants or you have carpenter bees driving you indoors, we recommend our Home Protection Program. Starting as low as $35/month, this home pest control service is designed to keep pests away from your family all year long.

To get rid of ticks, Arrow offers our Bite Back Program, a seasonal tick and mosquito treatment plan. Starting in April, we’ll treat your yard with a granular tick treatment. May through September we’ll return to spray areas where mosquitoes and ticks rest and breed and then finally, we’ll come back out in October to treat the yard with the granular again. That’s seven treatments designed to target the tick and mosquito populations on your property when they’re at their worst.

What are you waiting for, contact Arrow today!

Despite these crazy times, Arrow Pest Control is open and ready to help you protect your family from pests and the diseases some carry.  If you’ve already discovered insects on your property or you simply want to ensure your family is protected from nuisance and stinging or biting pests, please contact us. 

Serving Montclair and all of Essex County as well as Union, Hudson, Monmouth, Middlesex, Mercer, and Ocean counties, our locally owned and operated New Jersey pest control company is here to help! 


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