Odorous House Ants

Tapinoma sessile
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What do odorous ants look like?

cluster of odorous house ants on a wall in a new jersey kitchen

As you may have guessed the most identifying feature of the odorous house ant is the foul, rotten-coconut-like smell that they give off when they are crushed.

Odorous house ants are small, adults grow to be about 1/8th of an inch in length; their thorax is uneven in shape, and they are brown or black in color.

Are odorous house ants dangerous?

Odorous house ants are not considered to be dangerous, they do not bite or sting, and aren’t known to transmit diseases that can make people ill. However, their presence in your home can be quite an unpleasant experience; in large numbers they may leave behind a foul odor in the air and they have the ability to contaminate food sources.

Why do I have an odorous house ant problem?

Odorous house ants enter generally enter into homes for one of two reasons, either they are foraging for food sources, or there have been heavy rains and the ground has become too saturated with water for them to be comfortable.

Odorous house ants enter inside through cracks found in the foundation, underneath of exterior doors, or through the spaces found around windows, doors, and utility entrances. Inside they can be found nesting behind walls, under floors, and in crawl spaces- all places that are close to food sources.

Can I control odorous house ants?

Controlling odorous house ants is tricky because they often create multiple nesting sites.  At the first sign of an ant infestation, contact Arrow Pest Control.  Our team of pest control technicians have the knowledge, training and equipment to accurately identify the ant, locate nesting sites, and administer treatment that is effective for their species. Click here to learn more about our home pest control program that offers year-round pest protection against odorous house ants and other house-infesting pests or contact us to discuss a treatment plan for your current infestation. 

How do I make my property less attractive to odorous house ants?

There are several steps that you can take to help prevent pharaoh ants from making their way inside of your New Jersey home.

  • Caulk gaps found around windows and doors, seal openings found in your home’s foundation and exterior walls.
  • Fill in any spaces found around wires and other utilities entering into your home.
  • Place outdoor trash cans and woodpiles a distance away from the outside of your home.
  • Routinely clean behind large appliances.
  • Quickly pick up crumbs and spills; store food inside of plastic or glass containers with lids or in the refrigerator.
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