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Summer Warning: Tourists Bring Bed Bugs

June 18, 2018

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Bed bugs love summertime in NJ. Beaches, warm sun, amusement parks, campgrounds: there’s so much for bed bugs to do! In all seriousness, increased tourism in summer months brings with it a surge in bed bug infestations. There are many things you can do while traveling to avoid bringing bed bugs back from your vacation destination, and if you live in a tourist area, you can use these tactics to avoid them as well.

Congestion Increases Bed Bugs

Bed bugs can’t fly or jump; instead, they crawl and are transported from place to place by being clever hitchhikers. Many people think bed bugs are only found in beds due to their name, but they will infest couches, upholstered benches, airplane and train seats, movie theater seats, carpets, and more. You may set your purse down on the ground in a restaurant and pick up a bed bug, check your coat into a crowded coat check next to an infested coat, or leave your suitcase sitting on the hotel bed and have one crawl in. When thousands of tourists are crammed into tight quarters it’s far more likely that bed bugs will move from one person, bag, blanket, or jacket to the next very easily.

Preventing Bed Bugs

Whether you are traveling or you live in a tourist town, there are things you can do to prevent the spread of bed bugs in the summer. When checking in and out of hotels, inspect the room before bringing any of your belongings in. Always use the suitcase racks and hang things up rather than putting these items on the beds and couches. Look for signs of bed bugs in the cracks of the mattresses, in drawers, behind paintings, and behind the headboard. These signs include blood or feces stains, discarded exoskeletons, or actual live bugs. Also, check your luggage for bed bugs before leaving the hotel to avoid bringing bed bugs home with you, and take precautionary measures once you arrive at home like immediately washing any clothes you brought with you, and storing your suitcase away from the bedroom, like in a basement, attic, or garage.

Professional Help with Bed Bugs

Whether you own a tourist hot spot or frequent one, you may require the help of the professionals at Arrow Pest control to get your bed bug problem under control. At Arrow, we start off by doing a visual inspection of your home or business. Then we do an initial intensive treatment to get rid of your bed bug problem. We follow up with two more visits over the next 6 weeks to be sure that the bed bugs and their eggs are no longer infesting your property. You can rest assured knowing that we can help you eliminate the bed bugs that tourists may bring to your NJ residential or commercial property.

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