Boxelder Bugs

Boisea trivittata
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What do boxelder bugs look like?

cluster of box elder bugs outside a new jersey home on a damaged window

Adult boxelder bugs have a black body and a red-orange color that outlines their wings, sides, and thorax. They are winged and capable of flight. When at rest, their wings lay flat across their backs.

Adults grow to about ½ of an inch in length. They have oval shaped bodies, specialized sucking mouthparts for feeding, and their head is much narrower than the rest of their body. Young boxelder bugs look like little tiny adults except that they are solid red and have yet to develop wings.

Are boxelder bugs dangerous?

No, boxelder bugs are not a dangerous. Though they have the ability to bite using their sucking mouthparts, it is not painful or common. Really boxelder bugs are a nuisance for homeowners especially when they infest in large numbers.   

Why do I have boxelder bugs inside?

During the spring, summer, and fall months, boxelder bugs can be found outside feeding and breeding on boxelder trees and other seed bearing trees like maple trees, ash trees, and apple trees. When the weather cools in the late fall, they gather in very large numbers on the warm, sunny sides of homes and other buildings. They will move inside through small cracks and gaps and search until they find a spot to safely overwinter in. Typical overwintering spots for boxelder bugs include attics, wall voids, and crawlspaces.

How do I get rid of boxelder bugs?

Eliminating boxelder bug infestations is best accomplished with professional pest control service.  Like many pests, boxelder bugs hide away in areas not easily accessible.  Experienced pest control technicians know boxelder bugs, their habits, and how to control them.  If you’re dealing with a boxelder problem in your New Jersey home, contact Arrow Pest Control for help getting rid of boxelder bugs.   

How do I avoid boxelder bug infestations?

Pest-proofing your home and property will help you deter boxelder bugs as well as other insects and even rodents.  At Arrow Pest Control, our pest prevention tips for boxelder bugs include:

  • Sealing cracks and openings in the structure foundation.
  • Replacing damaged or missing siding and/or roof shingles.
  • Fixing or replacing screens with hole or rips.
  • Installing chimney caps and covers for vents.
  • Installing door sweeps on all exterior doors.
  • Blocking spaces around utility entrances.

If boxelder bugs are a serious problem, you might consider removing boxelder trees and other seed bearing trees from your property or at least move them further from your house.

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