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What do millipedes look like?

millipede in new jersey crawling across pavement

Adult millipedes have a segmented worm-like body that is usually black, brown, mottled in color; some species secrete foul smelling or toxic substances to defend themselves, these species generally have bright orange or red markings on their bodies.

Their first three or so body segments have one pair of legs each, while the rest of the body segments have two pairs each, adults can grow in length to between 1/16th and 4 ½ inches; most grow to between 1 and 2 inches in length.

Are millipedes dangerous?

Millipedes are a nuisance pest, they do not bite or sting and they are not known to transmit any diseases to people. In order to defend themselves some spray a terrible smelling fluid that can cause blisters on people and even be toxic to smaller animals and pets.

If you are ever sprayed by a millipede it is a good idea to wash the area off as quickly as possible.

Why do I have a millipede problem?

Millipedes live outside in damp dark areas like underneath of leaf piles, mulch, and soil; from time to time they may accidentally wander into your home through small spaces and cracks in the foundation. In most cases millipedes will die once they enter into your home because it lacks the very damp environment and food (decaying vegetation) that they require to survive. Light attracts millipedes so sometimes they can be found congregating in driveways, parking lots and on decks and patios.

Can I control millipedes?

The best way to stop problems with millipedes is to contact a pest control expert that understands how to prevent these nuisance pests from entering into your home. Millipedes can enter into homes in large numbers and hide out in its dark, hard to access areas. The experienced pest professionals at Arrow Pest Control have the training and knowledge needed to safely find and control millipedes through our residential service options.  If millipedes have decided to invade your New Jersey property or home, contact the dedicated pest professionals at Arrow Pest Control!

How do I make my property less attractive to millipedes?

There are many steps that you can take to help prevent millipedes from invading the inside of your New Jersey home.

  • Repair cracks found in the foundation of your home.
  • Install door sweeps on all exterior doors- especially basement doors.
  • Leave a barrier between your home and any mulch, soil or grass.
  • Remove piles of leaves, grass, and other organic debris from your property.
  • Place de-humidifiers in basements in order to reduce the humidity levels in your home.
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