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Do the Carpet Beetles In New Jersey Eat More Than Just the Carpet?

December 17, 2019

an adult carpet beetle crawling along a new jersey livingroom


Knowing what carpet beetles look like is a great way to prevent them from infesting and reproducing. Despite their name, carpet beetles in New Jersey eat more than just carpets, so don’t think you’re safe if you don’t own a carpet. Infestations can be a big cause of property damage and, in rare cases, can cause allergic reactions, so knowing how to get rid of them is important.

Identifying Carpet Beetles

Being able to identify carpet beetles and their larvae is a priority in recognizing an infestation. Carpet beetle larvae are usually brown or tan with white and tan stripes. The hairs on their backs are usually a great indicator that you are dealing with carpet beetles. The adult beetles themselves are oval-shaped with six legs and two antennae. Their bodies are round, and they have wings beneath their hard shells. Both the larvae and adult carpet beetles are very small and can be missed with only a quick glance.

The Real Damage Carpet Beetles Cause

The carpet beetle larvae are the ones that cause property damage, as they are the ones that feed on everything. Due to their very misleading name, many think that they only feed on carpets, however, any type of bedding, clothes, and other items made of natural fibers such as wool, fur, silk, and leather, are also at risk. The adults, which are what lay the eggs that contain the larvae, mostly only feed on the pollen and nectar of many flowering plants. They enter homes for these plants and then lay their eggs inside carpets and furniture, beginning the infestation.

Why Action Should Be Taken

Although carpet beetles mostly only cause damage to property, some people may have allergic reactions to the hairs on the backs of the larvae. Other than rare instances of allergies, carpet beetles really don’t cause direct harm to humans. The biggest problem with them is the immense damage they can cause to furniture, clothing, and other property inside New Jersey homes.
Being in the know about how to identify carpet beetles and their larvae, doing what you can to prevent an infestation, and knowing when you should contact professional help is your best move. The best way to get rid of a carpet beetle infestation in your New Jersey home is to contact the professionals at Arrow Pest Control.

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