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How To Stop Ants From Colonizing Your Lawn This Spring

May 16, 2019

a large colony of red ants on a vibrant green leaf in a new jersey back yard

Have you been noticing tiny ants crawling around on your interior window sills? Have you noticed how easy it is for ants to slip past the gaps around your screens and get inside your home? But even if you didn't have those screen gaps, ants could get in. Your home has lots of tiny holes you don't know about. And ants have no trouble exploiting those holes to gain entry into your home. That is why the prevention of interior ant infestations begins with exterior ant management. Here's how you can stop ants from colonizing your lawn this summer.

We have many species of ant in New Jersey that can become problematic, and when they do, it is best to call Arrow Pest Control for those spring ant problems. Why? Because there are too many pitfalls with DIY ant control. Here are some examples:

  • Removing food sources can help to reduce ants, but the foods that ants eat go far beyond human foods. Ants can eat scale insects, aphids, and the honeydew they produce. Food sources like this are very difficult for a homeowner to remove.

  • Addressing areas of moisture can reduce the ants in your yard. But many ants will come into your yard even if it is bone dry. So after you've worked hard to dry your landscaping and foundation perimeter, you can still have an ant infestation. That is super frustrating.

  • Sealing gaps, cracks, and holes is definitely important. The fewer entry points ants can find, the fewer ant infestations you're going to have. But as we mentioned above, the entry points ants use can be very small and in unexpected places.

  • Homeowners eventually turn to pest control products to control ants because the kind of control they want requires the use of these products. But the improper use of over-the-counter ant control products can have many undesirable results. Most of the time, they're just completely ineffective. Sometimes they can be toxic to pets and the occupants of a home. And, in many cases, pest control products can cause budding. This is a process by which a colony splits and replicates. This turns one colony it two or more colonies. That is definitely not going to be a solution to your ant problem.

At Arrow Pest Control, we offer residential pest control programs that include ant control. Take a look at our Home Protection Plus and Arrow Premier services. These will give you proper ant management all year long. They will also protect your property and your health from over 30 other pests. Reach out to us today for a free pest control estimate to get started.

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