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Rodents To Watch For In Elizabeth This Fall

September 27, 2018

mouse on a rock

Nothing is more beautiful than fall, especially here in Elizabeth, New Jersey. Auburn trees, vibrant sunsets, cool autumn air… There has never been a better time for us to get out of our homes and into nature. There has also never been a better time for mice and rats to get out of nature, to get into our homes. When we think of fall, we think of sweaters and leaf piles. When mice and rats think of fall, only two things are on their minds. Food and warmth. More often than not, our homes have plenty of each. Here are some common New Jersey mice and rats, and some factors that make them more likely to target your home.

House Mice

House mice are tiny, generally 5 ½ -7 cm in total length. They are most recognized for their small bodies, long tails, large ears, and tiny, dark beady eyes. Their fur color ranges from a greyish-brown all the way to almost black, with lighter-colored under-bellies.

Deer Mice

The main trait that distinguishes a deer mouse from a house mouse is its slightly larger body. Deer mice are also distinguished by their white under-bellies and bi-colored fur, ranging from a pale grey to deep reddish-brown.

Norway Rats

Norway rats are long, heavily bodied rodents with flat muzzles. Their coats are brown with scattered black hair, and their underbellies can be anything from grey to white. Norway Rats can be distinguished by their bi-colored tails and black bulging eyes.

Roof Rats

Much like Norway rats, roof rats have long bodies, long tails, and dark eyes. Unlike Norway rats, they have pointy noses, and black fur (except for their ears, which are almost entirely devoid of fur.)

Things That Draw Them In

Rodents often depend on humans for their food and water. Sometimes they don’t have to go too far to find these things. If you are a homeowner, who enjoys having fruit trees and other food-producing plants in your yard, mice and rats may already be close. However, these food sources will not last forever. By the time winter arrives, the trees and bushes will be barren, and mice and rats will be on the prowl for something to warm their paws and fill their bellies. This more often than not leads them straight to your home.

As the months get colder, mice and rats will be leaving nature in search of food and warmth. Here at Arrow Pest Control, we value your quality of life and want you and your family to feel safe from invading pests such as mice and rats. Our staff of trained rodent specialists are here for just that. If you want nature to stay where it belongs this fall, contact Arrow Pest Control and let us handle all of your rodent needs.

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