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Silverfish In New Jersey Are Not as Lovely as They Sound

October 25, 2019

a couple of silverfish eating through the book bindings in a new jersey home  library

If you aren’t familiar with what a silverfish looks like, you might picture something lovely like a little rainbow fish with glittery silver scales from a children’s book. But the first time you encounter an actual silverfish, you’ll see just how wrong that image was. Silverfish are small pests, only about ¼ inch in length. They are silver to brownish and have an odd elongated teardrop shape. they move like a fish, which is how they got their name. While silverfish in New Jersey are not harmful to humans, they can do a lot of damage inside a home. If you are experiencing a problem with silverfish, you’ll want to contact Arrow Pest Control to help you get rid of these nuisance pests.


Problems with Silverfish in your Home    

Silverfish don’t bite and don’t spread diseases to humans. But they can be harmful, nonetheless. The presence of any pest in your home is an indication that you have a breach somewhere in your home where pests can enter. And where there is the presence of one pest, there is likely the presence of more, perhaps much more harmful, pests.  


Damage that Silverfish Cause    

Silverfish that come into your home are usually in search of food and shelter. They may come in by accident but once they are there, they will make themselves at home. Silverfish prefer to snack on starchy and fibrous items. They will eat clothing, books, important papers, coffee, sugar, and even glue.


Where Silverfish Hide    

Silverfish prefer water or items with high moisture. For this reason, you might find them in a bathroom or laundry room. They hide out in bathtubs or drains or under sinks, especially if you have leaks or condensation. Silverfish can be found in damp laundry piles, like your teenager's wet towels. They are nocturnal, so during the day, you might find them tucked away in the cracks and crevices of a closet or other out-of-the-way place. 



Keeping Silverfish Out

The same methods you utilize to keep other pests out of your home will also work to keep silverfish out. Sealing up cracks and fixing leaks are most important. Beyond that, repairing damaged screens, installing door sweeps, and caulking around pipes can help. Additionally, vacuuming often, avoiding leaving damp clothing around, and minimizing moisture by using fans and/or dehumidifiers may reduce the risk of silverfish.

If you’ve taken measures to keep silverfish out of your home but are still being spooked by them when you turn your bathroom light on at night, contact us at Arrow Pest Control. We offer several year-round home protection plans that will keep your New Jersey home free from silverfish and other pests. 

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