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Tips For Keeping Flies Out Of The Kitchen This Spring

May 21, 2019

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Flies can be super annoying when they get inside. They land on your food. They land on your skin. They buzz around in the air and buzz on your window panes. But their ability to be annoying is not the most important reason to keep flies out of your kitchen this spring. A recent study has proven that flies are able to spread at least 65 diseases, and homeowners in urban areas are at greater risk. No kitchen should ever have flies in it. Here are some tips for keeping flies out.

What You May Not Know About Flies

We probably don't need to tell you that your screens are your frontline defense against flies. If you have flies in your yard, screens are going to help you keep them out of your home. But screens won't stop flies from zipping through the door when you go inside. So it is important to understand that screens are only one small part of fly prevention. The larger part is the control of fly populations around your home.

The more flies you have near your home, the greater the chances of an infestation. Here are a few common reasons for increased fly populations:

  • If you have open trash outside your home, you're going to have more flies. Flies can breed in exposed trash if it is left out for more than a week. The weekly disposal of trash is helpful for the reduction of flies.
  • Flies can reproduce in trash receptacles. If you don't have lids on your receptacles, you can expect to have more flies, even if you remove your trash weekly. It is a good idea to make sure you have lids and to clean your receptacles routinely to prevent the accumulation of organic juices which give flies a breeding site.
  • If you have a dog or some livestock that leave feces in your yard, you're going to have more houseflies. Animal feces are an important breeding site for these flies. Dispose of or cover animal waste to reduce flies.

Flies are just one of many pests that can make you sick, and just one of many pests that are covered with a residential pest control plan. If you've been on the fence, we hope those fly troubles you're having will push you over the edge. No New Jersey home should be without a residential pest control plan. It is too important. If you need help choosing a year-round pest control plan that will address your specific pest pressures, we can help. Arrow Pest Control is a leader in the industry. Find out if you're in our New Jersey service area.

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