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What Can I Do About Wasps Around My Pool?

August 8, 2019

A small growing wasp balancing on a pool vacuum tube on a sunny summer day in a new jersey back yard

In late summer, you know that the days you get enjoy your pool are growing short. You want to spend as much time in your backyard oasis as possible, but nothing can ruin that time like a bunch of buzzing wasps. What can you do about wasps around your pool? Read on to find out.


Why Wasps Are Around Your Pool

Wasps can be a problem around your pool starting in the spring and going straight through until fall—but late summer is often the time they become most irritating. In late summer the worker wasps prepare the queens to overwinter. Queens are the only ones that survive the winter, so they need a protected spot to wait out the cold months.


Once they've completed their job, worker wasps look after their own needs, until they die off when the weather gets cold. One reason they often end up around swimming pools is that to a wasp, a pool is a giant source of water.


Pools areas are often appealing to wasps. People bring food out that wasps are interested in eating. Similarly, flowering plants may be a part of the landscape, which wasps find attractive.


What You Can Do About Wasps Around Your Pool

Having wasps buzzing around while you try to enjoy the pool is annoying, and it can end up being painful if the encounter results in you getting stung.


To avoid having wasps around your pool, you need to remove the things that are attracting them. In the case of food or even flowers, that's relatively simple to do. However, removing the water source would defeat the purpose of why you want to get rid of the wasps in the first place.


Your best course of action when it comes to wasps around your pool is to get professional help from Arrow Pest Control. We can safely remove wasps and wasp nests, as well as help you make your pool area unattractive to them. By reducing their numbers, your pool will once again be a pleasant place to spend your last days of summer. Contact Arrow to learn more.

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