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Blog Posts with the Tag of "carpenter ant control"

Are Carpenter Ants Still Active Around New Jersey In Late Summer?

August 6, 2019

an adult carpenter ant crawling along the wooden structure of a new jersey residential property

If you step outside your house at some point today and look down at the ground, you’re likely to see ants scurrying around. Most will be small and if you’re lucky you won’t see any of the large ones. That's because the big ones are carpenter ants and they can be very destructive if they get into your house. Are carpenter ants still active around New Jersey in late summer? They... Read More

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How To Tell If You’re Attracting Carpenter Ants To Your Home

June 26, 2019

carpenter ant up close

When a pest professional inspects your yard for carpenter ants, they don't only look for the presence of ants; if they did, they would be disappointed by the results most of the time. Carpenter ants are mostly nocturnal, and they prefer dark places, so a pest professional will look for conditions that are conducive for carpenter ant habitation. You might call these places "carpenter ant attract... Read More

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Common Problems With Carpenter Ants

June 28, 2017

carpenter ant up close

Have you ever heard the saying, "What you don't know can't hurt you?" Well, sometimes, this simply is not true. What if there are tiny little shiny black creatures living inside your walls, chewing away at your support beams, creating tunnels and nests, and multiplying like crazy? What if they have been weakening your entire structure for years, and you didn't even know it? Sometimes, what you ... Read More

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