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Avoid Unexpected Guests This Season

December 5, 2017

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The holiday season is a wonderful one. There are so many exciting things to look forward to! Travel, food, family, and the all famous holiday cheer to name a few. And let’s not forget about guests. Holidays are filled with visits from the expected and the unexpected and we have to be ready for all of them. Whether we like it or not, some of our guests will be unwanted and far more work than they are otherwise worth. Pests will be looking for a nice place to stay in order to get out of the harsh conditions outdoors, and while they might mean well, they will be ruining your house from the inside out...and the outside in.


Mice might be cute, but by no means are they doing you or your home any good as they come and go. Not only do they carry in fleas and ticks, creating an entirely different pest problem, they spread diseases as well. Mice are associated with the spread of several viruses and bacteria, and can be a real health hazard to you and your family. As mice chew, in order to keep their teeth from overgrowing, they ruin wires, insulation, walls, pipes, flooring and even your food! They are sure to turn your home into an unpleasant living space if you don’t remove them immediately.


Spiders are not only an unpleasant sight, but they create quite a mess. There is nothing like walking through a room and running into a spider web. You can find many different types of spiders in your home and while many of them rarely bite, they certainly have the ability. Spiders can easily find their way in through cracks, crevices, and even on clothing, making infestations common. Their skittish nature and preference for out of way places may mean you'll keeping running into them even after you think they've been taken care of.

Bed Bugs

As the holidays ramp up and the festivities commence we find ourselves traveling as well as accepting visitors. Anyone is capable of introducing bed bugs to our homes as we come and go. Bed bugs can be found in places like public transit, hotels as well as motels, cabs and basically, anywhere else you could possibly sit your belongings, or yourself, down. They will often times infest upholstery, mattresses, box springs, and other furniture. Though they are not a danger and don’t carry any diseases, they can bite and create quite an annoyance with a whole lot of red bumps and itching. Keeping bed bugs out is in everyone’s best interest!

Keeping pests out this season, and every other season is important to all of us. Arrow Pest Control specializes in doing just that. With three options to choose from, our home pest control programs guarantee quality pest control. All of our programs include year-round protection, cover more than 30 pests and have free emergency service! If you find yourself with any unwanted guests during this holiday season call Arrow Pest Control for a free home estimate and make sure that your holidays stay peaceful and pest free.

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