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The New Jersey Boy Who Cried Wolf Spider 

October 10, 2019

a wolf spider crawlong along a new jersey basement floor with its grey long legs sprawled out in attack mode

These large, hairy arachnids may look like something out of a scary movie, but these pest-eating beasts might just be a warning sign that you have insect infestations on a much larger scale. 

Tall, dark, but most certainly not handsome, the long legs and front-facing eyes of the wolf spider give it a characteristic hunter’s gaze. Their dark brown or black coloration and light striped markings help these 3/8th to 1 3/8th inch creatures blend in with the environment before they pounce onto unsuspecting prey. Unlike other species, wolf spiders prefer to live in burrows instead of spinning a permanent home. They rely on their hunting instincts and excellent eyesight to find food. 

Wolf spiders would rather not get in the way of humans and are generally considered harmless. Wolf spiders will bite when threatened or startled, often when homeowners accidentally uncover them hiding under boxes, leaf piles, garage walls, or simply passing through. These arachnids are more than likely on the hunt for food in your home, which may alert you to a pest infestation you may not have noticed before. 


Spider Sensibilities 

Removing all spiders from your property may not be an option, but following these simple tips can help you protect your home from wolf spider invasions all year long. 

  • Any kind of crack, hole, or gap that leads into your home can be an entry point for pests. Seal or caulk whatever you can on your own. Call in a trustworthy professional to help with more extensive damage. 

  • Wolf spiders prefer hiding out of sight in wood or leaf piles, tall grasses, and overgrown shrubbery. Keep your yard well maintained by mowing often and stacking wood properly, taking some time to remove harborage spots from around the house.

  • Doors to the garage, shed, and home should be kept closed when not in use.

  • Have a professional pest control company do an in-depth inspection for signs of insect infestations in the home. Wolf spiders eat many of the common pests that live in houses, drawing them further indoors. 

Even with preventative measures, wolf spider infestations may continue to worsen, without professional intervention.


Let Arrow Worry About Your Wolves 

Wolf spiders might be an arachnid to respect, but that doesn’t mean you need to tolerate them living in your home. If these spiders prove to be too scary, too many, or just too spider-y, contact the pros at Arrow Pest Control. We are New Jersey’s premier pest control brand for extermination, abatement, and so much more. 

Reach out to us today for more information about how Arrow can best serve you during the fall season and beyond.

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