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When Are Clover Mites Most Active In New Jersey?

June 28, 2019

clover mite up close

Most clover mites only live for a few weeks, and the few weeks they prefer to live usually fall within the months that have moderate temperatures. These arachnids don't like to be too cold or too hot; they also have a preference for seasons of the year when there is a lot of precipitation, so spring and fall in New Jersey are when we see these little red bugs the most.

Here are a few things you should know about clover mites:

Clover mites can stain your stuff

One reason you may be concerned about clover mites is that they can stain clothing and furniture. In some cases, these red stains can be washed out. In others, they can't. So it is best not to have these bugs invading your home.

Clover mites are often a warning sign

These insects are drawn to areas of moisture, and the presence of moisture can bring them into locations in a home where there is moisture damage. While clover mites aren't dangerous, mold and other moisture damage issues can be dangerous. Take the appearance of red bugs as a warning sign to have a detailed inspection conducted by a carpenter.

Clover mites aren't dangerous

These bugs aren't going to bite you; they bite plants, so unless you're a plant, you don't have anything to worry about. There are, however, some reports from residents that clover mites are biting them. If someone tells you that these bugs bite, assure them that they don't and that people who think they're getting bitten by these little red bugs are probably having a minor skin irritation due to an allergic reaction to them. If you're dealing with this, we can help you eliminate those bugs and keep them out of your home so you don't continue to suffer from rashes.

Clover mite control

Now that you know what you're dealing with, you may be wondering how to get rid of clover mites on your own. It is always best to have a licensed pest professional take care of pest problems - even problems that seem harmless. It is important to correctly identify the pests you're dealing with, using proper treatments to eliminate them with as little pest control product as possible, and secure help with exclusion so more little red bugs don't simply replace the ones you've removed.

If you're in our New Jersey service area, we want you to know that Arrow Pest Control is an industry-leading pest control provider. We have the credentials, experience, and reputation you're looking for. We also offer competitive pricing as compared to other trusted pest providers.

Reach out to us and request a free clover mite estimate. We'll let you know what you're up against. To schedule an appointment with one of our service professionals, contact Arrow Pest Control today!

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