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When Is The Right Time For Professional Tick Treatment For New Jersey Homes?

August 20, 2019

a long legged deer tick crawling along a vibrant green leaf in a new jersey

When you were a kid, you probably never worried about ticks when you went outside to play. You'd probably never even heard of them. A lot has changed in the intervening years, and now ticks are a part of life that you may wish you didn't have to think about but know you have to. Ticks are a constant threat through the spring, summer, and fall, and even sometimes during mild winters. When is the right time for professional tick treatment for your New Jersey home? Almost anytime.


When Ticks Thrive

It’s rare to see active ticks during the winter, but it can happen—especially if temperatures aren't very cold or there's not a lot of snow cover. However, it's the other three seasons when you need to be on guard. 

Adult ticks come out in the spring looking for hosts. In early summer, nymphs are at their peak, and this is probably the easiest time to contract a tick-borne illness as they are small and difficult to see. They can easily bite you without you even realizing it. Late summer and fall see a rise in adult tick populations as the nymphs mature.


When is the Right Time for Professional Tick Treatment for New Jersey Homes?

Because they are active for so much of the year, there’s no one right time to get professional tick treatment for your New Jersey yard. It’s more a matter of choosing to get treatment because you have either been seeing ticks on your property or because you want to prevent them from getting onto your property in the first place.

While no tick treatment can guarantee the removal of every tick in or around your home, Arrow Pest Control’s “Bite Back!” program is excellent at significantly reducing tick populations around your property. We have the experience and training to understand where ticks are likely to be, and we only treat these areas. We also offer you tips to help make your property less conducive to a thriving tick population.


Contact Arrow to learn more about “Bite Back!” because there’s no wrong time to take your lawn back from the threat of ticks.

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