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You Have To Be Tough On Fleas: Why Home Remedies Aren't Always Effective

September 12, 2019

a quickly spreading cluster of fleas infesting the long white hair of a new jersey pet

DIY efforts may appear to do the same work as professional abatement and fumigation, but the reality is that pest control companies can exterminate the root of the issue, while home remedies may only kill adult fleas. For true flea control on your property, collaborate with your vet and local pest control professionals for a treatment plan that’s right for you. ... Read More

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5 Easy Steps You Can Take To Deter Fleas From Your Yard

June 14, 2019

flea up close

When a tiny mouse comes into a yard, it can have dozens of fleas on it. As it explores, it will stop here and there in vegetation and in hiding spots; when this happens, flea eggs and flea dirt that is in its fur can fall to the ground. The eggs that are dropped hatch on their own, and tiny flea larvae come out to feed on the flea dirt, which is the dried feces of adult fleas.... Read More

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