Keeping Cockroaches Out of Your Kitchen This Fall

While the cooler autumn air is a reason for most of us in New Jersey to spend extra time outdoors, not every creature feels that way. Autumn’s dropping temperatures are a signal to some animals that it’s time to start looking for a warm place to hole up for the winter.

preventing cockroach infestations in your new jersey home

While it would be nice if summer pests could all find shelter far away from our homes, the fact is that fall is a prime time for pests to invade houses. Although the list of pests that are looking for shelter is long, and each one presents its own set of problems, the one we’ll focus on today is the shudder-worthy cockroach.

There are several species of cockroaches common in New Jersey. These include the American cockroach, the brown-banded cockroach, the German cockroach, and the Oriental cockroach. They vary in size and appearance, but they all cause similar disturbing problems.

Problems Cockroaches Cause

Cockroaches are not just disgusting, they’re also dangerous health hazards known to cause a number of problems. Cockroaches frequent some pretty vile areas. It’s common for them to crawl through garbage, excrement, and even sewers. When they do this, they pick up all kinds of bacteria, pathogens, and parasitic worms.

If they enter your kitchen, they’ll spread these things around, contaminating your food, countertops, and more. This can leave you open to a number of serious illnesses, including E.coli, Salmonella, and tapeworm.

Cockroaches have also been shown to cause serious allergic and asthmatic reactions in some people because of certain proteins in their saliva, feces, and body parts.

Roaches also cause property damage. They feed on things such as book bindings and paper. They leave urine and feces behind. They also contaminate food, requiring you to throw it out.

How to Prevent Cockroaches

In order to keep cockroaches out of your kitchen and home this fall as winter approaches, there are several preventative steps you can take.

First, make sure all food sources are properly stored. That means the food in your home gets shut in airtight containers or placed in the refrigerator, pet food gets stored in a sealed bin and not left outside, and garbage gets taken out frequently and put in tightly sealed bins when outside.

Second, be sure to keep your home tidy. Clean up spills and messes immediately. Don’t leave dirty dishes out on the counter. Sweep up crumbs and other food debris frequently.

Third, keep moisture to a minimum. Roaches prefer moist, humid environments, which is one of the reasons you’ll often find them in your kitchen or under your sink. Be sure to fix leaks immediately and repair water-damaged areas. Outside, make sure gutters are clear and that your property has a good drainage system with no areas of standing water.

Fourth (also outside) keep garbage and compost a distance from your house. Trim back vegetation so it doesn’t touch your home. And seal all cracks, holes, and crevices around the foundation and walls of your house.

How to Treat for Cockroaches

Although with vigilance it is possible to prevent cockroaches from entering your home, getting them out after they’ve invaded is another story.

If you’ve seen roaches in or around your home, Arrow Pest Control can offer the expertise necessary to prevent a potential problem as well as eliminate a current infestation. While DIY methods might slow roaches’ progress for a little while, they won’t eradicate them entirely. Cockroaches are experts at getting into hard-to-find areas, even within your walls, making it very difficult for DIY methods to properly get them all. The professionals at Arrow Pest Control have the years of experience, as well as the equipment, to completely eliminate your cockroach problem. Give us a call today to learn more about our residential pest control solutions.

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