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Should I Be Worried About Black Widow Spiders

May 27, 2019

black widow spider on a glass

While we don't think you need to worry, there is definitely cause for concern when it comes to black widow spiders. At the end of spring and throughout summer, black widows can be a threat in our New Jersey service area, and all residents should know how dangerous New Jersey black widow spiders can be. These spiders have a venom that can send you to the hospital. While you're not likely to die from a black widow bite, it can be a very unpleasant experience. Fortunately, black widow spiders do not present the same level of threat for all property owners. Let's take a look at some factors that can increase your chances of coming in contact with one of these spiders.

Black widows are not common house spiders. They prefer to live outside and only come into homes by accident. If you have entry points that these spiders can easily access, you could increase your chances of an unwanted encounter.

  • Gaps around pipes and other openings that can sometimes be left after a repair project or a little remodeling can offer an entry point for these spiders.
  • Water damage to the sole plates of a home, also called the sills, can make you vulnerable. As rainwater softens these vertical members, which are just above your foundation wall, rodents and other pests chew on that wood. The holes they create are in the perfect location for black widows to crawl right into your home.
  • f you don't address holes in window and door frames, you could have trouble with black widows. Frames are another location mice and rats will chew holes into your home. Use a caulking gun to fill these holes if you don't have the finances to repair them immediately. This will prevent black widows.

Yards that have hiding places and ideal habitation for black widows will have higher populations. Black widow spiders prefer to hide in brush. If you've been trimming your landscaping and stacking sticks, be aware that widow spiders may set up a web in those piles. Learn to spot black widow spiders in New Jersey and always wear gloves when you're doing yard work.

If you ever find these dangerous spiders in your yard, remember that Arrow Pest Control offers industry-leading pest control in New Jersey. Find out if you're in our service area.

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