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Tips For New Jersey Homeowners To Keep Ants Out Of The Kitchen

July 31, 2019

a large colony of ants infesting a jersey city kitchen counter top

Summer is heating up and although going outside in the humidity might make you feel a little sluggish, the ants around your house are loving the weather. As they do their work of foraging for food, you may discover they’ve found their way into your house. The following tips will help New Jersey homeowners keep ants out of the kitchen.


Why You Don’t Want Ants in Your Kitchen

While most ants are simply a nuisance, there are reasons to want to keep them outside. They can get into your food stores and contaminate your food, which costs money and time since you’ll have to replace the items you end up throwing away. Some ants are more than a nuisance and can spread illness. Regardless of what ants you have around your property, it’s best to keep them out of your house.


Tips for New Jersey Homeowners to Keep Ants Out of the Kitchen

  • Look around the outside of your house for cracks, holes, and openings that ants could use to gain access to your house. Seal or fix any that you find, including tears in screens.

  • Keep your outdoor garbage bins away from your house and make sure they have tight-fitting lids.

  • Inside, take out the garbage on a regular basis.

  • Keep all food stored in sealed containers. Don’t leave any out on your counters.

  • Check your cabinets and pantry on a regular basis to ensure no containers have spilled.

  • Clean all spills and messes as soon as they occur.

  • Wash dishes or put them in the dishwasher after use instead of leaving them on the counter or in the sink.

  • Sweep and vacuum up crumbs regularly.

What to Do if Ants Get in Your New Jersey Kitchen

Sometimes despite your best efforts, you still end up with ants in your New Jersey home. If that’s the case, they can be difficult to get rid of. Ants leave a trail behind so even if you manage to take care of the ants you find, others can follow the trail inside.

Arrow Pest Control can help. We can eliminate the ants in your home and make sure that no others get in. Protect your home from the threats that ants bring this summer. Contact Arrow today.

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