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Where Do Termites In New Jersey Go In The Winter?

January 30, 2020

a swarm of termites infesting a wooden structure in a new jersey home

Winter can feel like a time to relax. The cold weather invites us to stay inside and keep warm. The last thing on most people’s minds is the fact that pests can still remain very active during winter months. While other pests might go into hibernation or die off, bugs like termites survive just fine underground or inside the walls of our homes. That means that the damage they cause doesn’t go away just because it’s cold.

Signs Of Termite Damage

Termites remain active year-round and are good at hiding. Because they make their nests in the soil, they can burrow deep underground where heat stays trapped. That means it pays to know how to spot the signs of termite activity in your home:

  • Bitten & Worn Woods: Termites eat and chew through wood ravenously, meaning you may notice the damage on outside structures like fences or patios. Inside the home, termite damage is usually only noticed by removing a wall panel.
  • Tight-fitting Frames: As termites alter the cores of wood panels, it warps and changes the surface accordingly. Door and window frames can shrink or not allow for smooth opening/closing, and floorboards and wall panels can buckle or bulge.
  • What’s That Noise?: It can be nearly impossible to be in the right quiet place and time to witness, but termite soldiers make a noise to warn other termites of danger. It’s faint, but this sound can sometimes be heard within the walls as a sign of activity.

Termite Prevention & Response

It’s important to be preventative rather than reactive. Termites can quickly populate an entire home and the more there are, the more they can chew through structural wood. Use the following tips to keep termites out altogether and avoid the damage they cause:
Repair & Replace Bad Wood: Damp or damaged wood in the home act as beacons for termites. Replace or repair problem areas on first notice.
No Soil Contact: Flowerbeds and other soils that are too close to structures make for easy access for termites, which can burrow up underneath walls and foundations. Keep soil at least 18 inches away from your home and other dwellings.
Regular inspections: Often, by the time you notice the damage from termites, an infestation is well underway. Regularly checking for problem areas and access points can help catch the problem before it becomes extreme.

Don’t Wait, Call The Pros Immediately

Since termites can be so hard to spot, and since regular household methods often aren’t enough to wipe out entire populations, it’s important not to try and wait out the winter before doing something about these pests. Regular inspections and professional prevention methods are the only way to get true peace of mind.
If you think you’ve got termites, our experts can schedule a free inspection of your home to make sure. They’ll look at all problem areas, come up with solutions that fit your schedule and budget, and work with you on ways to make your home more pest-proof. Not only will we administer our proven solutions, but we’ll also make sure the problem stays gone.
The winter should be a time to spend indoors with the family, so let the experts take care of a termite problem right away. Call the professionals at Arrow Pest Control for thorough elimination and/or prevention of termites and the problems they cause.

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