Where Do the Ticks In New Jersey Go When It Gets Cold?

When the temperature drops, many people retreat indoors to wrap themselves in blankets and drink hot chocolate. While some enjoy outdoor activities in the fall and winter, many prefer to withdraw into a warm space at the end of the day. So what do outdoor pests do when the weather turns cold? You might think the end of summer means the end of pests, but in reality, many pests can find ways to survive the winter. Ticks are one of these.

tick embedded under nj resident's skin

Ticks in the winter

There are four different species of ticks in New Jersey: American dog ticks, brown dog ticks, black-legged deer ticks, and East Asian ticks. All ticks are hardy pests, and the cold weather doesn't guarantee their demise. If you spend time outside, especially in wooded areas, you could still be bitten by a tick. And ticks can get into houses by riding in on pets or rodents. Once inside, your warm house helps them survive so they can continue biting you, your family, and your pets.

Tick-borne illness and dangers

Ticks are dangerous pests because of the many diseases they can transmit. Ticks have been linked to Lyme disease, Rocky Mountain spotted fever, canine ehrlichiosis, and severe fever with thrombocytopenia. It’s important to limit the amount of contact you have with ticks and to pay attention and act quickly if one tries to latch onto you. If you are bitten by a tick and start developing symptoms such as fever, body aches, headaches, or rashes, seek medical attention.

Tick prevention recommendations

Ticks are mostly outdoor pests. You need to prevent their access to your skin when you’re outside. Luckily, New Jersey’s cool fall weather makes it easy to wear long sleeves and long pants. Lighter colors will help you spot ticks that try to get to your skin. You can use bug repellent to deter ticks when you’re spending time outdoors. After spending time outside, be sure to check for ticks on your body, your pet’s body, or anyone else who was with you. The quicker you spot a tick, the better.

The next step in prevention is to protect animals from ticks. Continue to use tick and flea protection on your pets even through the winter. Also protect your house from wildlife, especially invasive rodents. Seal up holes and cracks on the exterior of your house, keep your lawn trimmed and your landscaping neat, and keep garbage and food messes cleaned up.

The best way to keep ticks away from your property is to invest in Arrow Pest Control’s “Bite Back!” program. This program involves five treatment sessions throughout the year to keep your yard clear of pests long-term. Arrow Pest Control can also complete a one-time tick and mosquito treatment before a big event. However, year-round protection is your best option for fewer ticks all year. Not only do we treat high-tick-number areas such as fences, bushes, tall grass, etc., but we’ll also help make recommendations to keep your yard from being too pest-friendly.

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