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Why Morganville, NJ Cockroach Prevention Is Vital This Summer

May 3, 2019

a family of cockroaches crawling their wat through a wooden structure on a morganville home

As summer approaches in the Morganville, NJ area, it is vital to take steps in cockroach prevention. In the summer, cockroaches become particularly problematic as temps heat up and cockroaches look for moist shelter. Your home, if it is full of yummy summertime treats, may be the ideal home for hungry cockroaches. Taking steps now can help you prevent cockroach infestations this summer. However, if cockroaches do become a problem, there is no need to worry as Arrow Pest Control can help.

Factors that Can Increase Roach Populations in Summer

In the cold winters of New Jersey, cockroaches will hole up in foundations, behind baseboards, or in any other dark cozy spot they can find and, if it gets cold enough where they are, will go dormant for the winter. Once spring arrives it signals the cockroaches to emerge and start looking for food. By the time the heat of summer arrives, cockroaches are in full swing. This is their season. They are active and moving from place to place looking to mate.

Cockroaches are one of the pests that love a cluttered home with lots of hiding places. You may be inadvertently inviting cockroaches to your home if you have lots of storage boxes, a pantry full of improperly stored food, or excess trash. Clutter is not the only thing that attracts cockroaches though. Cockroaches need moisture and easy entry into your home. Having improper drainage or overgrown landscaping around your home is an invitation to cockroaches. Any holes or cracks, particularly around the foundation or drains will allow cockroaches into your home.

Prevention Steps You Can Take

There are several steps you can take in your Morganville-area home to help prevent cockroaches. These include:

  • Remove trash frequently and store it outdoors in sealed trash receptacles.

  • Keep clutter to a minimum by getting rid of unwanted items rather than putting them in a basement or attic.

  • Use sealed plastic storage bins for holiday decorations and seasonal items rather than cardboard.

  • Keep all pantry goods sealed in airtight containers and put refrigerated foods away promptly.

  • Fix leaks in pipes and hoses, drips under sinks, condensation, and address other moisture problems with dehumidifiers.

  • Repair holes in screens, insulate around utility wires and pipes that enter the home, and fix any cracks or holes in siding or the foundation.

  • Examine shipment boxes, bags, and boxes from the grocery store, plants, and other items you may bring into your home that could potentially transport cockroaches

Why Call Arrow if Roaches Become a Problem?       

At Arrow Pest Control we have over 40 years’ experience in helping the people of NJ rid their homes of cockroaches. We also offer year-round pest control plans to partner with you to keep roaches out in the first place. Contact us today to help remove a roach infestation, prevent one, or both!

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